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Mature language
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When I got home I texted jimin to come get me after 10 minutes. Because I didn’t want to stay home when Jin rejects my love confession.
I opened the door and saw Jin standing in front of the door
Was he waiting for me? He has dinner ready is it for me? For us I drought it he never cooks for me no matter how many times I ask him.
When I asked him if the food was for us, he didn’t answer it was silent for a moment until Jin broke the silence.
“this is not easy for me because I’ve come to care for you and what I'm going to ask you is something that I’ve been thinking over and over for the past 6 months” Jin said very nervous. “Y…..Y/N….um……will you please……………
I knew what he wanted to say but I didn’t want to be right I wanted him to prove me wrong and that he wanted me to stay with him
“Y/N can you please let me be fr……” Jin was interrupted by my phone ringing
I took out my phone and saw that it was jimin
“Sorry can you give me a minute please I have to take this call” I said walking to the kitchen and Jin fallowing behind
“Oh…. You’re down stair? Ok give me a moment I’ll change and be right there” Y/N said with a smile on her face
I hadn’t notice Jin was behind me until he faked cough
“We need to talk this is more important than this jimin guy you’re talking to. So hang up and talk to me ok” Jin said with anger and a bit of jealousy
“Hey Jimin give me a sec ok ….. No don’t hang up it’s not going to take long ok just a sec? Yeah I promise we’ll do it but just a sec ok” I said with a smile on my face i can't believe he wants play game to see how's paying for diner. i had for gotten that Jin was still there
“What do need to talk about hurry I need to go I got someone waiting for me out side and I don’t got your time so hurry talk” I said.
“Now you’re making fuck dates?” Jin said with amusement and anger
“Is this what you need to talk to me about?” I asked annoyed “is this the fucking important thing you wanted to talk about. You want to discuss my fuck life?” I asked now pissed .
“No…. can just hang up the phone so we could talk please” Jin said with a now more calmed tone.
I saw Jin pleading eyes but I knew that if cave in now I’ll end up getting even more hurt so I decided to leave and hang out with him and his boyfriend Yoongi. I put the phone on my ear and looked at Jin while talking to jimin.
“Hey jimin sorry…….sorry to keep you wait I’ll be out in 5 ok” I said looking at Jin
I started to walk to my room since we had our own bedroom after the first day he cheated on me.
I kept on waking to my room and when I got inside I closed the door and locked it. After 5 minutes I came out wearing a pair of jeans and a lose tan top (see 2nd picture above to see how the outfit looks like).
I saw jin sitting on the table she seem lost in deep thought
“Don’t wait for me I don’t think I’ll be back for the rest of the night” I said putting on my heels on
“You’re really going and not talk to me “he asked
“we’ve been married for 3 years jin,3 fucking years that you neglected me and did spare a second glance at me so don’t come at me with this bullshit got” I said coldly
“You’re just going to leave without even eating what I made for you it’s your favorite” Jin asked
“No Jin does are foods that you liked I just pretended to like them that we could at least have something in common and get closer but it was all useless. Because with every step I took closer to you would always take 2 back. And to be honest I'm tired of being a nobody in your life and being. I'm done with that why don’t you call one of your hoes and tell them to come over and don’t worry about ok”
“Y/N….I …. Just need to talk ok can you stay be with me? Please just for today” Jin asked with sad eyes
“You know how many nights I’ve wish for you to stay Jin? And no it’s too late, too late to try things right.” I said with teary eyes. I opened the door and said “don’t wait up. Good bye Seok Jin” and with that I left and got into Jimin’s car
It was only 2 in the morning and I was back at the house. Jimin and Yoongi had to call it a night because they had work but I was on vacation so I didn’t had to go in to work
I was somewhat drunk but I was well aware of what I was doing. I opened the door to the house and saw Jin standing there in front of the door again
She left just like that. I saw out the window and saw a guy come out of the car he was a really good looking guy. He greeted Y/N and saw them hug for a long time something inside me snapped I got really angry but sad at the same time
“Why am I hurt by seen her smile and hug someone else that’s not me why am I feeling like this”
“Am I falling for her? After all these years has she finally won my heart?” I though
“Do I really want to let her go? No!!! I won’t let her go I want her here with me and have a happy family with her.”
“Finally seeing her with someone else made me realize that I …. I …love Y/N and I don’t want to let her go and I won’t”
I was falling asleep when I heard the door close I ran to the door to see if Y/N was ok
“Oh... its Jin oppa, my oppa the one I love with all my heart” Y/N said looking at me. She tried to walk to where I was standing but tripped and fell. Fortunately I caught her in time before she hit the floor
“Oppa babo” Y/N said while holding my face “do you know how much I love and want you”
“Y…you…want me?” I asked her “you stupid jerk” said Y/N before attacking my lips and not letting go
“Y…Y/N what are you doing you’re drunk. Come on let’s put you to sleep” I said my heart started to beat so fast I thought it was going to come out any second
“Oppa look at me” said Y/N “Na….naega ….I want you Kim Seok Jin. I want you to be mined all night tonight” said Y/N while dragging Jin to his room
(I'm not good with things like this so I’ll leave it to your imagination on to what happened between them during that steamy night ;D)
I woke up and had a masive headache i looked outside and it was still dark. I tried to looked at my phone ans see what time it was. But when I tried to look for my phone I felt a body next to mine I got scared but quickly remember what had happened between me and Jin and a smile creep up on my face
“I can’ believe what happen I'm so happy I could die right now. I need my phone to tell jimin that I finally got my happy ending”
While looking for my phone I found a yellow envelope that had my name on it. I got curious and opened it to see what was inside and to my surprise it said petition for divorce. My world came crumbling down alongside with my heart I thought that things were final getting better but as always I was wrong. I went to my room because I couldn’t hold it anymore I cried and cried until I couldn’t anymore. After an hour or so I decided to sign the papers and let Jin be free
It’s been 3 weeks since Y/N left me. Why now, now that I have realize my feelings toward her. Why couldn’t do have one more day with her to tell her how I really feel about her.
I woke up looking for Y/N but she was nowhere to found I thought she had left for work so didn’t give much thought to it until lunch time came I tried to call her but she wouldn’t answer her phone. I started to panic and tried calling her multiple times I even went to her work place and found out she was going on vacation for 2 weeks. I went back home to see if she was back but no. I went inside her room and saw that all of her belongings were missing she had left me. She left me with all of these new feelings for her and she didn’t have a clue about it.
I sat on her bed and looked over at the night stand where she had an empty photo frame I saw the yellow envelope next to it there was a not on top of it
My love Kim Seok Jin, I know I don’t have the right to call you mind because I wasn’t able to make you fall in love with me and make you happy and I regret that. I'm sorry you had to get stuck with someone you don’t like but in fact hate and I'm sorry for that. I will now stop being selfish and let you free just like how you always wanted. I know me wanted to keep you longer with me was selfish but I loved you too much to let go. But now I'm ready to let you go because I got to feel and touch you for just one night and that was all I ever wanted. I hope you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with because I’ll be trying my best to forget you I know it won’t be easy but I’ll forget you oppa I wish you the best of happiness my one and only love Kim Seok Jin With love Y/N
End of flashback
I just want one more day, just one day so that i can make you the happiest woman in the world
It’s been 3 weeks since I left Jin. I call into work asking for another week because I’ve been feeling under the weather.
I'm at the doctor’s office and explain the symptoms I was having she gave me a wear look like she knew what I had just by what I told her. But she did run some test and just to be 100%sure
The next day~~~
“Ok Mrs. Y/N the tests are back and they came out positive” the doctor said
“WHAT!!!! Positive for what? Am I going to die? How long do I have to leave please be honest with me?” I said with tears coming down my face
“What no!!! It’s nothing bad don’t worry” said the doctor with a smile
“Then what do I have what come out positive?” I asked her now confuse
“Well Mrs. Y/N I'm happy to tell you that you are pregnant congratulations. You need to take some time off work when the time requires but other than that you need to come regularly for checkup ok. And please take care of yourself I’ll see you in 2 weeks.”
I left the clinic and didn’t hesitate to call him
“Yah you finally answer my calls I’ve been calling none stop” he said kind of mad
“I know I saw your calls listen we need to talk”
“Why, what’s wrong are you ok?” he asked
“Oh ummm yeah I'm ok listen so I came to the doctor and guess what”
“What are you ok what did she tell you”
“I…Um …..I’m ...”
“You’re what tell me before…….”
“I'm pregnant”
To be continued<<<<<<<<<
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