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Having one of the jobs in rescue dog centre. Tearing apart my heart. To see how cruel people against animals and what they are doing to them ... Isn't it suppose to be that if person love animals then this person loves people. I just can't imagine what's in their mind to do such a things to animal. ( cutting, starving to death, hitting etc.) I don't have idea how this angels survive after all... The only thing I know by working with them that they have much bigger heart than some people do That they are much smarter than some people are. That the way they love humans no metter what even being hurt by people they still love them. This is what pure love is... The more I work with animals the more I love them more than people. Just wanted to say. Be human and act like human. We born to be helpful for this little adorable angel , not to hurt them .peace...
agreed. my family has a lab/dalmatian dog that showed up at are house one day. we don't know what exactly happened to him but he wouldn't go near humans and only followed are other dog. now he lives in the house with us and follows us everywhere and he has always been a good dog.
@pirateking47 that's so adorable. dogs really knows how to love:-)