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TOP:오빠 배경색감 그라데이션이 너무 쩔어요 (O-ppa be-gyong-sek-gam ku-ra-de-i-syon-i no-mu jjol-o-yo) Oppa the background gradation color is so dope (awesome) Seven: 넌 술에쩔어 (Non sul-e-jjol-o) Your drinking is dope (awesome) Vocabulary: 배경색감: 배경= background; 색감=color 너무: so, very, a lot 쩔어(요): Dope, awesome (Zutter; y'all know this one 😉) 넌: your 술에: Drink Credit: To @mystifize on Twitter I think these two are enjoying teasing each other 😂. As a fellow lover of the green color, I agree with TOP. Just look at that sexy stare from Seven! Green really suits him 😉. Tag List: @JackieG1617
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I loved this ship. 😍