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As you can see by the title, this day of the anime challenge is saddest anime death. Obviously, this card will be full of major spoilers for several of you that I know are in the process of watching some of these, or have yet to see them and might one day want to. So read ahead at your own risk nakama!!
One Piece
Portgas D Ace
This will forever in my books be the worst death ever in any anime/manga. This messed me up for a good month. I was devastated, depressed, lost, and confused. My heart went out to Luffy who had just finally saved his brother from his execution, nearly costing himself his own life in the process and what for?? Just to have his brother die in his arms, right before his very eyes.
Akame Ga Kill
Seriously!!! This was awful!!! She's on the verge of death and her love, Tatsumi is right by her side. She only just then, in her last moments expressed her feelings for Tatsumi and how I am glad that he was there by her side, its just not fair!! I really need to read this manga because I know its totally different than the anime.
Naruto Shippuden
Jiraiya Sensei
Pervy sage was literally my most favorite character in the Naruto series and I really didn't think he would get killed off. WHY OH WHY does Naruto kun have to lose the people most important to him!! He thought of Jiraiya as a father figure. Hell, Minato and Kushina named Naruto after Jiraiya's book!!
Hunter x Hunter
Okay okay, so for those of you would have seen Hunter x Hunter all the way through, you know Kite isn't really dead but this was still a monumental anime moment and it broke my heart into a million pieces.Pito literally blatantly lies to Gon about how he is still alive until he sees his head.. Gon literally loses it and becomes more powerful tenfold than the whole anime up until this point. The hurt, anger, and devastation in Gon's eyes will break anyone's hearts and have you crying right along side with him.
As always, I hope you all enjoyed the card. Until tomorrow!
Tagging the nakama...
Same.. Ace's was the worst. For not being a character that you saw all that often..He was still one of my favorites. The fact they had ASL backstory afterwards made it all that much harder.. @HunnaBallue
@KurosakiJess The hardest was definitely Ace's death I sobbed for like an hour :'( Also as it happened I screamed "Yamero! Yada!" (Japanese for Stop! No!)
Which one is the saddest for you??!! I'm sorry.. Trust me, making this card in the first place was hard for me.. 馃槩 @HunnaBallue
Haha. Yep! He can't be Zoro unless he's a helpless baka when it comes to direction! 馃槀 @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess perfect!! It's just like OP the first he meets is Nami The navigator!! Now to find me a Zoro!! And I have a bad sense of direction but I gotta find someone with a worse like terrible sense of direction but knows how to use 3 swords to be a good Zoro!!
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