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misaka or index???
for those of you who don't know, this is from two series that closely coincide. they are called a certain magical index, and a certain scientific rail gun. the characters from left to right are misaka, touma, and index. now my question is, for those of you have seen it, who would you ship them with? this was a tough decision for me because I like them both.
index would be the one we would think would end up with him since she's basically freeloading off him and they are together more often. and in the end she probably will be the one he's with. but I feel like he's more of a big brother figure.
Misaka ended up being my decision. and if you think about it it just seems right. the strongest esper and the weakest esper as a pair, they would make the perfect team.
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Misaka is MINE!!!♡♡♡ lol but I would ship touma x misaka. I agree with you, touma seems like a big brother to Index
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