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Runing fingers across the cracks of my mind, I see the fractures, the cracks, I see the pain I have suffered. The battles I have faught flash as I pass, a warior I have truely been. The things I have seen, the demons I have battled. but the most pain is the emptyness. the void I wish would fill. going thru memmories like files smiling their and a few tears here. but the abyse, when I touch the cracks I can feel the pain and lonliness the need to feel protected. i feel all weakness I have gained or contained with in the cell seep into my soul like poison. what can one do to destroy such a foe? but to lock it away and try to forget its existance. fear of full consumatin if accepted. the desire to have another know my secrets, is, at best overwhelming. To have some one encourage me to battle this monster of the dark. Many have passed by, few have had the chance to see, but none will stay. So I sit alone within my own mind and try to be strong and fight alone like the warrior I have been in the past. but does a warrior not eventualy fall without an army?
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That last line really got to me. I feel like I'm going to be thinking about that the rest of the week.