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I hate that it's backwards but it says "I'm not anti social I just prefer watching anime" 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 I love it!!
@KurosakiJess exactly how I feel. I finally will be getting my backpay for my military benefits and medical I paid out of pocket so haven't been working on filling any of mine for a while either. Going to school fulltime and working parttime too doesn't make it easy but beginning of next year I should be pretty much done and finally graduate with my degree!! Lol, so new job and hopefully many more anime tattoos to come. I def feel ya from the withdrawals lol, your gonna have the kurama susanoo setup just like I will have too!! Haha, with sasuke and naruto as my middle chest piece to support them all!! Luffy def has me jealous I still don't have an OP tat yet, so pathetic haha but soon so soon. I should celebrate my bday next Jan with my graduation and hopefully a new job by then and just spend a week off getting my tats filled and finished and then new anime ones started!! Lol!! Sorry to hear ya had to move n lost your last job n get a new one. I def know that struggle, if I never woulda left my chemical biological engineering job I'd be a walking tattoo lol but thought joining army was a good idea n quit, lol atleast I still get to watch anime and read manga everyday all the same. Plus I'm done with my mil contract finally too!! Life is always a struggle, but Anime makes it all worth while and then some haha!!
If I hadn't moved and lost my job so suddenly and been looking for comparable pay where I'm at now.. It would be a LOT further along. 馃槱 for awhile there, I was getting a new edition weekly.. I have many to be filled still and still plenty of room for the Bleach ones I want to add.. I'm really glad I was able to get Luffy filled but bummed as crap I haven't gotten chopper filled. I'm having major tattoo withdrawals here.. Last one I got was the half Kurama/half Sasuke's Susanoon and that was back in January I want to say. Ahh.. The tattoo struggle is real!! @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess sorry I meant your pen and permanent marker is coming along quite well!! Haha, playin, don't worry I know they are def real!!
Shirt is pure truth haha. And looking like the anime sleeve and others are coming along quite well!! Keep at it NAKAMA!!
@KurosakiJess thanks! I need one of these
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