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for the first thing in my life I am actually doing my new years resolution of being healthy and lose weight before I could cosplay. I couldn't because I didn't have that much time to during the spring semester,
The two weight machines I used - Super leg press - Tricep press - It was pretty fun using those machines while I was listening to music but then I realized I didn't make a work out Playlist so while I was working on my arms it transitioned to "No mercy" by BAP to Paper Hearts by tori Kelly which kinda ruined my pumped up mood
What I spent most of my time on was the Elliptical which has this one mode where it has different Exercises for 24 minutes. At first I was getting into it until I hit the 15 minute mark and started to get pretty tired but I didn't stopped until I was through (and I drank plenty of water while I was on the machine)
Right now I am slightly tired but I felt like I accomplished a start of my goal and I'm not giving up until I finish this resolution @danidee @InPlainSight @alywoah