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I'm taking up the challenge issued by KpopINT. So...
Hola! I'm from the sunshine state! A graduate of the University of South Florida, my degree, Classics (basically classical history and language) has nothing to do with what I do now-- photography (isn't that funny how that happens). I'm an older sister, with just one younger sister by two years. A heavy reader and coffee drinker, play violin, sing, but can't dance, and have 2 cats. Love sweets, nature and art. And I have lots and lots of shoes... Lots. Because I listen and watch Korean now 24/7, I have taken up the torch to learn it. So I am also intrigued by the culture. And I like being able to stay up to date with K news, and discover new artist with KpopINT.
I got into K-dramas long before kpop, back in high school. From the moment I started watching the shows, I was taken because it was so different from what I had been used to and the talent was so authentic. Thus my first bias in music was Kim Hyun Joong after seeing my first drama Boys Over Flowers. I definitely had a case of what I later learned to be second male lead syndrome.
This was soon followed up by this angel, Jang Geun Suk from my second drama, You're Beautiful.
Before I go into my top 5 groups, here are some other groups/ artists I like: Kyu Hyun, Infinte (and the sub groups), Winner, CL, 2ne1, Jay Park, Vixx, Monsta X.... Yes... I like them all and more. My arms are full of love.
So as noted, my first show led to more shows and discovering a lot of the actors I liked were musicians. So this led to me stumbling down the rabbit hole that propelled me into the world of kpop. Although Big Bang was the second group I found, they are number one in my heart. They are all so gifted and diligent with their work. My ultimate bias comes from this group, G-Dragon. From the voice, to the style, character, and artistic genius, what is there not to love!
Next group. EXO! I actually watched D.O. in a drama and it took me a moment to realize he was a singer. So when I discovered EXO, D.O. was automatically my bias in this group and he has held this position strongly against fierce competitors. This group never fails to impress and blow my mind. Their latest comeback is just.... no words. "Monster" has literally been on repeat since it came out (after I listened to the whole album of course).
BTS! It was kinda weird how I came upon them. I knew Rap Monster, but didn't knew the group. You know how Pandora plays suggested songs on playlists.... So... "No More Dream" came on. When that bass hit, I was done and never looked back. I don't think I fell in love with a group so fast and was captivated by all the members. I just had to know all of them, by voice, image...everything. Thank you Google. I try not to go overboard since I'm older than all but one. However, my BTS bias is Suga.
Got7! I was with them since day 1! Love this group. They are so talented individually and when you put them together its magic! Got7 bias, Jackson!
4minute! Now I tend not to favor girl groups, because I haven't heard many that affect me like the groups above (willing to take good suggestions) but I must say, I have to give it to these ladies. They are completely amazing! I love Hyuna.
So that is all for now. If you have any suggestions for new music, especially girl groups please leave them in the comments. Thank you!
Boys Over Flowers was my first Kdrama. I fell in Love with the character Song WooBin. ♡ Played by the Beautiful Kim Joon. The groups you listed are some of my favorite! I really am growing fond of the new rookie Girl Group MaTilDa. They are precious! They just debuted in March.
Boys Over Flowers is still my worst case of second male lead syndrome. I to found kpop through kdramas. I always find it amazing how finding one leades the the other eventually.