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I'm sorry for the Delay on Chapter 6 guys... I've also been getting my priorities together before I transfer to the University of Louisiana Lafayette and I really haven't been able to work on my stuff lately due to my lack of Brain power. I have some Ideas on what I want to happen, but the problem is how I want each event to occur after the other. Anyway While I try and brainstorm some ideas I'm going to post another Draft from My Story Archives, so I hope you enjoy reading that. Thanks for always supporting me, it really means a lot to me!! @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @NeckoNecko @DesiphirXIII @littlemaryk @DestinyAgnew @simplynick @SimplyAwkward
Hey man we get it, writing is hard but your Nakama are here to support you πŸ˜‡ take your time we wouldn't want you to over exert yourself :3
This is kind of a big transition for me from CC to a Four year University lol
@BlackoutZJ UGH registration is so boring and tedious took me all day, luckily my morning class is my future profession so I get to do nothing but brainstorm :D I even ask my teacher questions on the matter and he gives me some helpful advice :3
@ZephyrBlaze Thanks lol I've been doin alot of College registration stuff lately along with all this Brainstorming that my mind seems a bit out of it lol
it's okay