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Monsta X at Amusement Park🎢 & Penguin Hotel🐧
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Where's I.M.? Hm
a year ago·Reply
@JaxomB I was thinking that too :'/ maybe he had a different schedule?
a year ago·Reply
@JaxomB @ArmyofKookie I was wondering the same thing at first because there is no pictures of him on the ride but I seen very few pictures of him at the amusement park (his ear or back). BUT if you look closely, since it's 2 per row and they are 7 one had to go by themself, you can see I.M's legs in back on the Wonho and Shownu's picture.
a year ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX :0 Oooh okay that makes more sense thx~
a year ago·Reply
That's so cool!!! I wish I could've hung out with them!!!!
a year ago·Reply