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For some reason Vingle isn't letting me see anyones else's recent updates or new community cards!!! At first I thought people could be busy and haven't been on Vingle.. but then I saw @BlackoutZJ updated his collection but his card didn't appear on my feed TuT I keep reloading, closed the app, checked if the app updated (it is) and even turned off my phone a couple of times but nothing seems to be working! TuT I want to see your guy's card and im not able to... please help me!

So if you guys can post anything you want a pic literally ANYTHING and tag me on it so I can check what is really going on TuT PLEASE AND THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO DOES!
Same, I can't see anything posted in the past 4 hours without going directly to community feeds! I think Vingle is malfunctioning...
I see that😂😂 @AimeBolanos
@BlackoutZJ It works now TuT
Lol @AimeBolanos Maybe you don't remember
@AimeBolanos I could've sworn we've had a similar once before loo
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