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Jimin called Jungkook a "cute thing" XD Rapmon said to Jhope "you're my partner, you're my pokemon" ahhh thats so cute!! Jins whole thing was funny. What Jhope said about Jimin is so true lol. V called Jimin "plain pottery" ahah what?
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Jungkook's signature style 馃槀馃槀 someone please make a shirt with those faces lol
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"even his face is loud" -wise, somehow really true words from jin
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I find it kind of sad that all Kookie did was draw a pic of the members... Like why not talk??? But omg Jimin's on Tae... 銋嬨厠銋嬨厠
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lol love it. love how he calls his best friend an idiot priceless
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