Although I expected to have lesson 5 finished a week ago, I was out of town & had no time to work on it. But I'm finally back and I have begun adding new pages to that lesson (if you haven't already seen!) I will try my best to finish that lesson between today and tomorrow, and I'll get right into lesson 6! Sorry about being so all over the place and taking so long. I'll also be posting some other little notes that I right here and there while I'm writing these lessons. I am also going to work on a set schedule soon.
Alyssa 씨 ! 감사합니다 ! You give me strength !
@Xiuyeolhyun Your welcome! And I think there are a few ways to write/say teacher, but the one with -nim already in it is written as 선생님 ^-^ And haha I completely get it! It's been a long time since I wrote some of my notes...and I can't remember quite a bit of it...😅
@AlyssaGelet818 thank you Teacher-nim (I would write that out in Korean but I forgot how. curse my bad memory )
@Xiuyeolhyun It's okay! I actually have a very limited vocabulary, as well! (I just seem like I know a lot...but I just pick up a few words here and there from dramas or online and use them xD) But, 여러분 is usually used as everyone :) (it isn't exactly the same I don't think, but it's most commonly used as that)
@AlyssaGelet818 what does the second word mean? I'm sorry for asking, I still need to memorize most if the words
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