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I Almost Accidentally had a Fangirl moment in Public today. Thank God, I caught myself just in time. So I'll tell you my little story. I was at my Grandmother's house with my mom today, and I got bored by the conversation that my mom and grandmother were having, so I pull out my iPod and start to go through some Kpop Pictures...when all of the sudden...
I came across this Gorgeous pic of Rapmon, And without thinking, or remembering where I was, or that there was anybody there, I start to Kiss the screen. I caught myself right before I did, and I tried to make it look like I was just trying to look closer at what was on the screen. That was a Close One! 馃槄

Have you ever Accidentally Fangirled, or Almost accidentally Fangirled in Public?

馃槀馃槀 Yes I have I was at work on break and made the smart decision to watch Block b on snl when Zico and kyung kiss I lost it at work and went full fan girl as everyone was like wtf Sam 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槄
I'll find a pic or video and just hold my breath or friends will just be like don't worry you wouldn't understand
...I do it at work...a lot. My coworkers just roll their eyes now.
Yep! It's gotten to the point where my family had to create a code name to let each other know I'm fine....just spazzing out is all~ 馃槄
Every day in the train, i catch myself blushing, dancing slighy and just spasming sometimes
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