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Shippuden, Episode 166

This was during Pain's attack on Konoha. Naruto had put up a good fight, but had been pinned down by Pain. Between a series of flashbacks to her childhood, Hinata watched her beloved, helpless Naruto-kun. Though Pain had destroyed Konoha, and she was never particularly strong, she couldn't stand by and do nothing. I admire her for her unyielding love for Naruto and the strength of her resolve to try to save him, even though she knew she didn't have a chance in hell. I'd forgotten how much this episode had affected me! I love Hinata, so much more than I ever realized, and I think this is a large part of the reason why.

Honorable Mentions

2 of these are fillers, and the other is a flashback, so not much more to worry about, spoiler-wise, but I'll still try to be sensitive to those laggards like me! ;)

Shippuden, Episode 194 - Flashback Filler, The Inseparable Naruto and Sasuke

This episode was a flashback to a mission in Team 7's genin days. Because of the boys' bickering over their rivalry, Sakura was captured by the enemy, and Sasuke and Naruto's hands were fused together by a strange goo-like chakra. Unable to signal Kakashi, the boys had to work together to overcome their situation and rescue their teammate. Hilarity ensued.

Shippuden, Episode 230 - Clone Rebellion

While on the ship on the way to the lightning country (I think; my memory may be off a little, but those details aren't important), Naruto, of course, utilized his clones, a lot. Between storms, he decided not to release the technique since he would need the clones again soon anyway, and the disgruntled clones were not happy about it. They rebelled and took Naruto hostage, kicking the rest of the crew off the ship until their demands were met. In the end, it turned out to be the nightmare of one of his clones, which Naruto experienced when the clone protected him from a falling piece of equipment. It may have been filler, but I enjoyed this episode so much!

Shippuden, Episode 247 - Kushina/Minato Background

While training to control the Kyuubi within him, Naruto encountered his mother, Kushina. The former jinchuriki, Minato had sealed her chakra within their son for precisely this moment. In addition to helping Naruto control the Kyuubi, Kushina explained what had happened 16 years previously, starting with explaining the background of the Uzumaki clan. I won't go into all that because either you already know about it, or you don't and I wanna spoil as little as possible. When she was little, Kushina was a trouble maker, just like Naruto, and the other kids at the academy teased her because of her red hair, but not Minato. One day, Kushina was kidnapped for the Kyuubi. She pulled out strands of her hair, leaving a trail, though she doubted anyone cared enough to follow it. Who should come to her rescue but Minato! He explained that he'd never defended her before because he could see that she was strong enough to handle herself, but when he saw the strands of her beautiful red hair on the ground, he worried. And that was how Kushina (and I) fell in love with Minato. I wish things had been different, so they could have lived as a family with Naruto.
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very well thought ep choices
Omg!!! That's my favorite episode too!!!! My second favorite is the filler episode where Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are trying to see under Kakashi sensei's mask!! (:
love that episode. i guess love really makes you stronger
@KurosakiJess that one was my favorite too it was really entertaining to watch