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I'm just gonna start using this from now on... Cuz this "spoiler" was the first one ruined for me a couple years back.. And after the AoT spoiler last night... I'd never want break my nakama's hearts here like that! (:
I LOVE this picture I just found.. It's a lot like my tattoo I have but Sabo is standing, looking at his brothers grave, not sitting. I still need to get this tattoo filled in and finished. I have Sabo looking at Ace's grave but don't have Ace's hat and knife added yet. One piece is love One piece is life ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I think trying to catch up on the anime I'm on the Colosseum part "Lucy" has yet to fight :( I don't want to read he manga but I feel like it would be a WHOLE lot fast at this point :(
Sabo is probably one of my favorite Characters in One Piece He's a freakin badass
Sabo's my favorite too (: @BlackoutZJ And yea, manga is much faster. Haha. @ZephyrBlaze