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This unusual geological formation is located in the Grose Valley - a rugged valley in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. Hanging Rock is a outstanding feature near Baltzer Lookout, at the end of Ridgewell Road, Blackheath. A huge, overhanging block of sandstone over 100m (330 ft) high, jutting out into the Grose Valley, has become detached from the main cliff. It has featured in many calendars and climbing photos. It’s not actually hanging of course but a crack in the rock, which separates hanging rock from other rocks, gives that impression. The crack is roughly 50cm (20 inches) wide so it is rather easy (yet still a bit dangerous) to step on the hanging part of the rock. Hanging Rock offers amazing views of the Grose Valley and the Blue Mountains. The tourist offer includes a two hour experience of mountain biking tuition accompanied by a professional guide
i would have goose bump to sit on top of that rock
No I have not been there, but I would love to be there ! Coal transporter? I think I watched that one in Bear Grylls Tv-show, probably it is the one then :)
wow, these are beautiful. Have you been? I got to visit once and there was this old coal transporter that they now let people ride. It's CRAZY, check it out!