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Hey Korea, What's 팩스타그램?

Time for another weird Korean trend!

We learned about what 먹스타그램 and 냥스타그램 is (here) but what on EARTH is...


팩스타그램 - Paek-seu-ta-geu-raem

is the tag on Instagram for pictures of people with face masks on!

Face masks and skin care in general is a huge industry in Korea, so the tag is super active and pretty hilarious (cause who doesn't look funny in a face mask?!)

Have any of you tried Korean face masks before?!

Check out the tag on Instagram here! ^____^
I ordered a 17 pack of face masks recently 😂 I haven't used them in a few days and I'm starting to break out again, they really help but you have to use them so often lmao
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Omg xD My mom likes Junsu (JYJ) & he took a picture of himself in one of the kitty masks for instagram...and my mom was like wth is this?! It was hilarious xD
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My mom and I got some Tonymoly sheet masks not that long ago. No one in our house would talk to us while they were on because they said they could not take us seriously in them. They really do look funny even though they feel amazing! 😂
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I wanna try them actually
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i use a bunch of korean face masks cause the place i work at gets so many in 👽👽 its gr8
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