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Time for another weird Korean trend!

We learned about what 먹스타그램 and 냥스타그램 is (here) but what on EARTH is...


팩스타그램 - Paek-seu-ta-geu-raem

is the tag on Instagram for pictures of people with face masks on!

Face masks and skin care in general is a huge industry in Korea, so the tag is super active and pretty hilarious (cause who doesn't look funny in a face mask?!)

Have any of you tried Korean face masks before?!

Check out the tag on Instagram here! ^____^
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I love face masks and taking pics wearing them! lol but I don't post all my pics.
@KaiTakashima what kind of face masks do you use?
@Isolate the brand Malie System
@KaiTakashima thank you 😊
When I first read it I was like "It has something to do with IG pictures" and I usually see it with a celeb name so I was like "Who's name has 팩 in their name?!"