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Chanyeol’s Sister Reports EXO’s Comeback On News

EXO member Chanyeol’s sister Park Yura was able to report on EXO’s comeback! On June 9, Park Yura uploaded a photo on her Instagram and wrote about the cute opportunity to be able to talk about her brother’s group on the news. The news report discussed EXO’s comeback and their album sales records. The photo features Park Yura at the news desk in front of an image of EXO at their comeback showcase.
Park Yura recently became an anchor for YTN after working for MBC Busanpreviously. The siblings are known to be affectionate and often compliment each other. Meanwhile, EXO will be starting their comeback promotions for their third full studio album “EX’ACT.” Thunder Squad: @twistedPuppy @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @lexxcisco @Dianabell @sarabear1021 @ScarletMermaid @narutobandgeek @nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Helixx @Isolate @nnatalieg
am i the only who thinks she literally looks like chanyeol but with longer hair the genes are strong😨😨
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