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(omfg Jay Park ❤) Hey everyone! got tagged and saw @heidichiesa card! (You should go check it out BTW!) ((( This challenge was made by @kpopINT ))) Tags: @TaehyungV @SarahVanDorn @Badtz @VixenViVi @SugaMint @StefaniTre (i don't have a tag list or anything so I'm copying these one by one.. so I tag anyone that feels like doing this!)
2. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF Hello! Mine name is Sabrina, 17 soon (on June 11!), class of 2017!! Born and raised in Texas (I don't have an accent..i think... but sometimes my Mexican accent comes out when I'm talking fast)
3. 5 favorite groups I LOVE LOVE LOVE these groups. I've been a K-pop fan for a year and it has been a rollercoaster of events and comebacks. who knew stanning K-pop would be so tiring? whatever because it's totally worth it
4. first K-pop bias(es) 1. Jonghyun in SHINee (Now it's Minho) 2. Leo in VIXX (Now it's Ravi) 3. Rap Monster in BTS (Now it's J-Hope)
5. your ultimate bias I CAN'T CHOOSE
6. what are other things you do love or enjoy? I like taking photos. I took photojournalism and yearbook! I love cats (we own 5 and them feed stray cats) and I'm a horrible person and so are my friends and we enjoy playing crabs adjusting humidity (it's like cards against humanity but we couldn't find it so we bought something similar)
7. What do you like about KPOPINT? They help me stay up to date with the latest K-pop news groups, and other important information!
8. where are you from? Texas the place where you can experience every season in just one week literally it rains, then it's HOT, next thing you know it's cold outside, and now suddenly there is a tornado watch....
@BrookieeLee Thank you! :D
I love Jay Park and your really beautiful.
@Miss148 same lol
@heidichiesa Thank you! it took me forever haha
omg you're really pretty! love your card :)
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