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Life as a sloth would be full of all sorts of lazy awesome.

However, if I had to pick any animal to be, I would be a city rat. People don't really hunt rats for food, and as long as I don't sneak into people's houses, I think I'd be pretty safe. I could just spend my life eating food scraps and trash, dodging from stray cats, and trolling people while they wait for the subway. SUP, FOOLS. IT'S ME. I'M A RAT.

How about you guys? Which animal would you want to be?

@danidee The evil King has taken my powers away and I have turned into a human.
@culversyanne What about a snake with bunny ears?
BUNNY! Everyone will trust me, but I'll be the most dangerous! That's why you never trust a bunny.
@danidee sure I race you as a cheeta you have a car and I will win.
an arctic wolf
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