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So I have a crush on a guy I work with, that I wasn't sure if I should tell him. Link to that card -----> http://www.vingle.net/posts/1614903?shsrc=v I've decided that I'm going to tell him, but I have no clue how to do it. I looked on Google (found nothing of use to me, personally.) A lot of the sites suggested closeness, confidence, eye contact, other things like that; thoes things won't work for me because: A) I hate being less than arm's length from another person B) I was abused & bullied most of my life so I have 0 confidence with no idea how to fake it. This would also be applicable to the eye contact bit. Any ideas on how to approach him in a way that won't cause an awkward moment and/or an anxiety attack?
Weelllllllll my boyfriend started off as a coworker. He asked me for coffee! Maybe when you're talking to your crush and you're clearly both interested in whatever you're talking about, just say 'man we should talk more, wanna get coffee?' that way its not really a date and you can test if you really like them outside of small interactions at work! Good luck, I know what its like to have zero confidence when it comes to asking someone out lol >.<
that's the best suggestion I've gotten so far, now all that's left is finding a chance to actually talk to him ^^