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혼자 - Alone (hon-ja)

The meal I eat alone.

The coffee I drink alone.

The walk I take alone.

The room I live in alone.

I wake up alone,

work alone,

and go to sleep alone.

One easy way to learn this word is to listen to this song by Sistar! You'll never forget it!

(shout out to @MattK95)

Personally, I like having a lot of alone time. I sing, dance, exercise, I can write better and think better without distractions.

Do you guys like or hate alone time?

am i the only one that feels bad for that character in the picture
@Lalaichan14 me too! Thats why i added the part about simple "alone time" to try and make this card more positive. They definitely seem lonely, not just alone. ::
I like it when there is another person around. We don't have to speak or do anything together. They can be in their room doing whatever; I can be in my room doing whatever. We may only say hi when we find each other in the kitchen, but just as long as they are there. I guess I like being alone with the possibility of not being alone. Partially alone...
I love having some alone time
I was surprised I could read it correctly😂😂 yay! I'm improving!
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