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I Don't Want to Listen!

When you mom tells you to turn off the Kpop, when your teacher tells you your dreams of being a dancer are not realistic.

What do you say?!

듣기 - To listen, to hear


싫어 - Don't want to


What is something you've been told recently that made you want to say "듣기 싫어!"

For me, it was a political argument (that I won't get into here) but I just couldn't even listen to my friend talk any more >.<
That's what I'm dealing with now. Like when I'm cleaning the kitchen, I always have to have music playing since it's too quiet in there. So I play Kpop music through my Pandora. My mom, she doesn't care much, but there will be times when she straight up asks me "Don't you have headphones that you can use?".... Like seriously, I never complain when she's listening to her Christian music 😑😑
There is a lot I don't want to listen to, so most of the time I have earphones on so I don't hear all the bus noise, job noise, and tv noise at home..
I l. 9x - - mmm x
I'm in a Skype chat with a friend who is a binge watcher and now it's an ongoing dispute of you can't wait for an anime season to end to start watching because people will spoil things
x xxx 99th @Colonellinguis xzx ? xXxX
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