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What Are You Grateful For This Week?
I figured this (awkwardly dark) webcomic might be a good opportunity for all of us to talk about what we're grateful for this week. It's always important to remember that, while life isn't always perfect, it does have many things in it that are worth celebrating.

What's something awesome that happened to you this week that you'd like to share? Or maybe there's a person or thing this week that you're particularly grateful for?

For me, I'm pretty stoked on my new haircut! It's a little TOO short right now, but I finally sprung for a straight perm, and it's been so great being able to go out into the world and not have to worry about my hair frizzing and turning into a giant rat's nest. Hooray!
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@danidee I only straightened my hair because I was getting a lot of negativity from complete strangers and it finally got to me.
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It's Friday!!!!
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Well I just got a new Bicycle this past week and I am so excited because my Fiance and I love to go biking everywhere. I have been without a nice, good Bike that actually works for a year, so I am so happy I finally have one! Also I am grateful for my Ma because I was very down in the middle of this week because I have been so stressed out at work, she always makes me feel better.
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@danidee 😂😊😀☺😄😃
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I'm grateful for being able to go to a job I love even though it can get stressful at times and don't pay as well so its a little harder to get by but so worth it if I get to work with animals all day!
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