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“Are you sure about this?” You looked towards Key as the both of you stood at the entrance to the cinema, two movie tickets in hand. Fifty Shades of Grey was the last movie you wanted to watch, and definitely one you knew, or thought, Key had no interest in. But felines are curious creatures, and your boyfriend was a human embodiment of cats. “Come on, it’d be fun!” he winked, and you could only groan in reluctance. The usual order of popcorn and soda was abandoned, given how your tummy only comes alive in the afternoon. Key had gotten the red-velvet couple seats at the back, and you settled yourself down comfortably just as the movie started. It was a screening on the late morning of a weekday, and the only ones in the theatre apart from the two of you were another couple, who were seated in the middle row. You never read the book, and the first few minutes of the movie had you wondering once again why the female population, apart from you, loved it so much. You stole glances from time to time to observe Key’s reaction but he had the stoic, poker face on when he was concentrating on something. When Christian and Ana shared their first kiss in the elevator, the boredom in you was slightly lifted and you tugged your hands in between your crossed legs, leaning your head on Key’s shoulder. The man started tracing the small of your back, his eyes glued to the screen. His body remained still even when the first sex scene came up, and you looked down to see the couple in the middle row already getting down to some frisky business. Key’s sharp jawline was highlighted by the projection lights and you felt your horny senses tingling in. Frustration was building up in you as the restless shadowy figures below gave hint to what the other couple was still up to. You titled your head on Key’s shoulder to look up at his face again, and his eyes were still glued to the screen. You needed to do something about this. Leaning in, you placed a soft kiss along his neck and Key just let out a small ‘hmm’, still allowing his fingers to trace your back. You frowned at the lack of reaction, and continued leaving kisses around his neck. You sucked on the skin as you undid the first button of his shirt and roamed your hand as much as you could around his chest. Key finally took notice and hissed into your ear, “What are you doing?!” You placed a hand on his member through his jeans and your bite to his earlobe was like a switch for the one below. “I’m doing you,” you whispered seductively, and he grew harder. “You’re making me so frustrated, Kibum,” you kept your lips close to his ear, making sure no one else could hear you but him. You rubbed your hand over his jeans, revelling in the feeling of his clothed hardness. “I want to make you pay.” Key’s jeans came loose and you removed his dick from his boxers. His pre-cum was glistening on the tip, and you ran your hand slowly up his shaft before bringing it back down again. You repeated the motion, staring at the silhouette of his glory. He eyed you before you graced his tip with your tongue, and he didn’t hesitate to grab a hold of your hair. He kept his breathing as quiet as possible as you teased him, sucking on the tip as you continued rubbing his shaft. You took a part of him into your mouth, and his grip on your hair tightened, his thigh muscles flexed. You kept your hand at his base as you flicked his tip back and forth with your tongue before going back down again. Key, who was usually highly vocal with dirty talk whenever you went down on him, struggled to keep his mouth shut. The very fact that you were doing this to him in public, with the danger of being caught, was making him harder every second. A quiet moan sent thrilling vibrations through his body as you went deeper, always taking pauses to flick the tip and run a few fingers up. Many minutes passed before you took all of him in with a deep lick and let go with a soft pop. The man was still holding on, and you started to pump, bringing your lips back to his ear. “How does it feel, babe? Do I make you feel good?” Key could only look at the silhouette of your hand moving up and down his dick. His hands were gripping the fabric of the seats, and you kept your face close to his, making sure he was getting the full blasts of your warm breaths. You began to move faster, and right when Key thought he was going to cum, you took in his entire length in your mouth and began to pump and suck at the same time. Now both of his hands were in your hair and the hold was tighter than before. You quickened your motions, letting out moans that were sure to make him a mess and right when you expected it, he exploded in your mouth and you swallowed it all. “Did you like that?” you panted into his ear, and Key growled before grabbing you by the arms, placing you right on top of his member. His face was buried in the back of your head, and he shifted your panties to the side from underneath your summer dress, guiding your entrance into him. “Don’t make a sound,” he threatened from behind, and you nodded obediently. He grabbed your breasts and bucked his hips up into you, and you threw your head back. Key bit into your shoulder as his abdominal muscles allowed him the strength to continue pumping up into you ferociously, the clothing preventing the sound of skin-against-skin from echoing throughout the theatre. Although you were doing a good job of keeping quiet, you didn’t trust yourself to stay mute. You clap a hand over your mouth as he pressed a thumb over your clit, his thrusts getting harder and deeper. Key’s silent groaning sent you over the edge and you came, arching your back as he pumped a few more times before coming inside of you for the second time. Your body was limp on top of Key’s, and he lifted you up slightly so that he could pull out. To make things easier, you regained your seat next to him and helped him zip up. Once he was done, you wrapped an arm around his waist and laid your head on his chest. “The next time you do that,” you heard him whisper, “I’m going to make sure the entire cinema can hear us when we fuck.” And Key always keeps his word.

Lmaooo i was just reminded why key is my bias.. Lawdd.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
This sounds exactly like something he would do!!
OMG!!!!! I can so picture him saying something like that too ahh too much can't handle it
I'm cryinggggggggggggggg ❤️😭😭🙌