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Rated: M Warning: THIS CONTAINS, DEPRESSION, RAPE, ABUSE, LANGAUGE, HINTS AT SUICIDE. SEXUAL CONTENT/ A/N: I do not condone any of this that is taking place in this story. This chapter gets heated and has little bit of smut. Hope you enjoy.
Y/N POV When we got home we changed into our pajamas and sat on the couch and watched a movie together. We ate popcorn and drunk wine. We were supposed watch about 3 movies. The movie was comedy it was cute hearing him laugh so hard. The second movie was Titanic. During the movie I felt Hoseok grab my hand and pull me closer to him. I don’t know why but I was nervous. My heart start to race and I started to blush. He notice and started to smile. I look up at him and he kissed me. I didn't know what to do. I kissed him back which made him deepen the kiss. I felt him add his tongue in between each kiss. He pulled away as I felt him lick my bottom lip. At this point I wanted him, no I needed him. I pulled him back in by his shirt for a kiss. He gladly accepted. I fall back as he climbs on top of me. He starts to kiss my neck as I feel his hand cup my chest. His lip fall back on mines. He pulls away breathing heavily asking, “Do you want this, are you sure?” I say “Yes.” I wrap my arms around his neck and continue to kiss him. He picks me up and carries me to the bed. He lays me on the bed and I take his shirt off. Then he rips my shirt off of me. His kisses trail down from my neck to my chest down to my spot. I grab the sheets moan with pleasure. As he is taking his pants off he says” Damn baby you’re so wet.” I bit my bottom lip as he climbs back on top and enters me. I moan loudly at the pain and pleasure. He starts to move, I cover my mouth to keep from moaning so loud. He removes my hands and whispers, “no don’t cover, I want to hear you cum.” ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… The next morning I wake up from a kiss from Hoseok. “Babe you have to get up. We have to get ready for the press conference.” I turn over and lay on his chest.” Let’s stay like this a little longer.” He kisses my head and gets up.” I know but we can’t”. He says. We both get ready for press conference. When we arrived at the office a sense of nervousness come over me. I was walking behind Hoseok and Jin. Hoseok stops and turn toward me and grabs my hand. We approach the door, before entering the room he whispers, “No matter what happens I’ll protect you. Then we entered the conference room. As soon as we enter there was a mountain of press. I felt like I would go blind from all the flashing cameras. We sit down and Hoseok begins to speak. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the press and board members, thank you for coming today. I called this press conference to make publicly that I am getting married. This is Y/N and she is the lucky woman I will be marrying” The press started to mumble amongst themselves. Then started talking at Hoseok all at once. His secretary said” Mr. Jung will now accept questions.” Reporter: “Hi I’m from ISG news, from a source I was told that she is damage goods. Why are you going to marry her? Is there another reason behind this sudden marriage? Hoseok responds with an angry tone, “Excuse me what did you say?” Reporter:” My source tell me she has been abused in every possible way.” I clench Hoseok hand tightly as the reporter spills everything to the public. “I heard she was the reason for her brother getting shot. Is she your current charity case? He chuckles Next think I know, Hoseok gets up and rushes over to hit the reporter. Jin steps in to hold him back. He screams” Don’t you ever talk about my wife like that.” I blush we not even married yet and he still calls me his wife. He walks over and grabs my hand and pulls me out the room. As we leave the room he is walking so fast it hard to keep up. I yell “Hey Hoseok slowdown” He stops and turn and kisses me. As he pulls away he cups my face and look me into my eyes. His eyes were sincere but serious. He says” I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, you are mines. You are not some charity case. I will always be by your side.”


@HopefulHopie ok as long as it don't sound like I'm complaining!❤️
@Animezkpopgirl I know I thought it was short too I agree
@Animezkpopgirl I know I got busy and I was trying put it out quickly I will make it longer next time
@HopefulHopie I'm not complaining Hun! Do what you need to do!
A...OMG😉 see what I did there... Aaaanywho! THAT WAS AWESOME! SO SWEET BUT SO SHOOOOOOOORRRRRT!!!!
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