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@oj1992 ...NO PEEKING!!!....*attempts to cover your three eyes*..TADA!!! sis, i got you HAIR!!! see see see....hey, yah yah!! you, the "one" wondering eye, umm, please look this way...*points at wig*...*all three eyes cascade over simultaneously*....see, pretty huh?!...*puts it on you*...*steps back, turns to the side*....*stares at you*....*tears*...sis you're so beautiful but you're still a HOT mess!!! yeah, yeah i ♥ u too...hahaha...(^_*)
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lol you guys are too funny! lol XD @cheerfulcallie I could totally imagine you doing that with @oj1992 now that explains your profile pic!! lol
4 years ago·Reply
@shoenami I know @oj1992 she looks awesome huh? (*_^) lolz
4 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie now I know why you are so good wz colors ... chemist power ... : )
4 years ago·Reply
@oj1992 aaww, your too kind, *blushing*....see, I know what makes you look hot!!
4 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie @oj1992 yes.. you should definitely style each other! lol
4 years ago·Reply