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"I believe you" Taemin (19+)

“Screw you, Taemin!” you yell, shoving his chest. He grabbed your arms before you could push him again. “Nothing is going on between me and Krystal” he almost growled. You yanked your arms back and scoffed. “Yeah right! This is the second time that I caught you two together!” You tried to walk away but Taemin grabbed your arm and slammed you against the wall. He paused for a minute, gathering his thoughts and then looked right into your eyes. “There is nothing going on. Okay?” he said calmly. You pushed him away from you and he looked irritated. Taemin yanked his shirt off and threw it to the ground. He pressed his body against yours, making you feel his erection. “Is your girlfriend okay with this?” you challenged. A flash of anger flew over his eyes and he brought his lips to your ear. As his breath made contact with your skin, you shudder. “Do you really think that anyone else but you can get me this hard?” he whispered into your ear. His tongue traced the outer shell of your ear and you inhaled a shaky breath. He quickly disposed of your shirt and bra. You desperately wanted to stay mad at him but he was seriously turning you on. Unfortunately, Taemin had a major kink for angry sex. He suddenly bit your nipple and you screamed out in pleasure. Taemin’s hands went down to your pants and he pulled them down. “Taemin, stop. We need to talk about this” you said. He hooked his fingers into your panties and smirked. “You’re right. Let’s talk about it now” he said, pulling your panties down. “Well, I know that there is something-” you trailed off as Taemin slid a finger through your soaking folds. “We’re supposed to be talking, remember? You know there is something…” Taemin said, reminding you of your sentence. “I know that you and Krystal-” you gasped as he pushed your legs apart and wrapped his lips around your clit. He began to suck and your hands quickly tried to find anywhere to hold onto. He replaced his mouth with his thumb and shoved his tongue in your opening. You panted and weaved your hands in his hair. “Ugh, I hate you~” you moaned. He pulled back and looked up at you with a raised eyebrow. “Really?” he said amusedly. That was not the reaction you were hoping for. Taemin quickly put you on the floor and pushed your legs open. You wordlessly watched as he took his pants off and settled in between your legs. “I don’t believe that” he said. Taemin aligned his clothed member to your opening and bucked his hips into you. You opened your legs wider and moaned. He thrust against you again and you instantly wrapped your legs around him. His thrusts were so painfully slow that you had began to sweat. He was moving enough to keep you stimulated but nowhere near enough to let you cum. He braced himself on his forearms and with each thrusts, his nipples ran against your own. “Taemin~” you moaned. “I want to hear that you love me” he said. You knew that he would give you some sort of demand. Seeing that you weren’t responding, he thrust just a little harder and you groaned. He paused to pull his underwear down and you wished that he would just hurry up and stick it in. Taemin slowly fisted his dick and watched you squirm. “I’m waiting” he said annoyingly. You remained silent and he shoved two fingers in your opening, making you scream out. He kept his fingers still and you tried to move your hips to get some sort of friction. He held your hips down and you whined. “Taemin, please” “Say it” he commanded. He used his thumb to quickly circle your clit, bringing you to the edge. Your back arched and Taemin removed his thumb. “Taemin please! I love you so fucking much! Just please let me cum” you yelled at him. He thrust his length into you in one go and you bit your tongue to keep from screaming again. Taemin’s hands roughly grabbed your hips as he thrust into you hard and fast. Your nails scraped against his back and he grunted. You felt yourself tighten around him and Taemin warned you that his end was coming. With one final thrust, you both exploded at the same time. Taemin collapsed on top of you and you felt his chest quickly rising and falling. After the two of you caught your breath, Taemin grabbed your chin softly and kissed your lips. “Seriously though. There is absolutely no way possible that I would jeopardize our relationship for Krystal or any other girl” he said. His eyes seemed to be almost pleading with you. You pulled him back into a kiss and smiled. “I believe you.”

yasssss!! ::fans self::
It went "TAEMINAHHH YASS" to "I HATE YOUR SEXY ASS BUT LOVE ME" to "wtf is this maknae" (gif, story,gif)
Krystal of fx ;)
Where is the Holy water?! Fix it Jesus fix it!! I cannot deal..
I don't know which is worse the first gif, the story or the second gif!! This whole card is OMG!! 😍