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"What's your type?" Onew (19+)

“Onew, would you rather date….”
“If the other members were girls, which one would be more your type?”
“Out of all the female idols you have met, who would you most like to get closer with?”
Lee Jinki, Onew as the world knew him, kicked the door shut behind him, anger bubbled up inside and he let out a rough sigh, barely able to hold the scream that had lodged itself in his throat. Seven years he had led SHINee, and for the most part, he had loved it. Nevertheless, after seven years of that one damn question he had developed the almost overwhelming need to shove the mic down anyone unfortunate enough to ask any version of that question.
He set his bag down by the door of his apartment and toed off his shoes as the city night light shined from the large windows to his left. As he stepped up into the living room, his head kept spinning at light speed. Every time that question had been asked, every time he had answered the with the same answer, every time he had answered with a different answer, every time he had thought of one girl or another, every time, every time, every time.
Usually when he got home the anger dissipated into the air, diffusing into the calmness that his surroundings brought him. But not today. After that interview he had been told that pictures had been taken of him and some random female idol leading to speculation that he was dating, and then the netizens had jumped all over the poor girl.
He wasn’t even dating her!
Onew’s smile was rueful as he grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and made his way to the back of the apartment.
The girl, no, the woman sleeping on his bed had finally agreed to move in less than a month ago. Dating a non-idol was always tricky and difficult, but she was the best thing to have ever happened to him.
His anger left him as he eyed the girl bundled up in his sheets. What replaced the anger that had built in him all day was pure need. He wanted to be a normal man for a while. He wanted to show his woman that he loved her even though his schedule was hateful and he had to hide her from the public.
What was his ideal type? The girl currently snoring while slightly drooling on his pillow.
He went to the bed and tried to untuck her gently from the mound of blankets but all he was able to do was jostle her a bit and interrupt her snoring.
He laughed at the situation, the first real laugh all day it seemed.
“Jagiya wake up. Come on baby. How did you get so wrapped up?” After a minute at lightly tugging at any corner he found, he grabbed what he though was a corner that would gently unravel his girlfriend and gave it a strong yank. Accidently pulling it hard enough to send his girlfriend tumbling harshly from the bed with a surprised squeal.
Her hair matted to one side, lines from the pillow etched onto her face, with eyes blinking in confusion at the mess of blankets and pillow that littered the floor around her she glanced up into her lovers shocked eyes.
“What are you wearing?” Onew harshly whispered.
She blinked down at the sexy, almost sheer forest green baby doll outfit she had bought this morning while Onew was at work. She had thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It was a strange combination of pure sex and pure cute. The lace style halter-top dipped down past her breast and the fabric slightly chaffed her nipples making them hard, but the material was soft enough that it wasn’t uncomfortable; it was more of a constant turn on. Always reminding her of the true meaning behind the purchase. The material of the “dress” was made of tulle and whispered as it rustled around her every move but barely even reach past her mound leaving Onew to see the cream-colored panties through the material and peeking out from under it.
She sat looking down at the outfit and biting her bottom lip. Onew found himself mesmerized by the sight. Her small hands reached to the bottom and grabbed the material scrunching it up in her fist, unknowing how the sight of her panties was causing him to have trouble breathing.
“I bought it today and wanted to surprise you with it. Is it too much? Do you not like it? I am sorry.” The soft words spoken almost too quietly for him to catch them. Yet, as she started to tug the material up he slid to the floor beside her and roughly grabbed her hands, forcing them down. Onew then pushed her to the floor and settled his weight on top of her. He rolled his hips into her, letting her feel what she did to him.
He quickly pressed a peck of a kiss to her lips before dipping his head to mouth at the spot right under her ear that he knew drove her crazy. Onew kept the movement of his hips going, grinding into her until she was breathless.
His hand grabbed her hips roughly, dipped to grab her thigh, and wrapped it around his waist. After securing it, he grabbed the halter and ripped it in his haste to uncover her breast.
“Jinki! I just bought this!” before struggling out of his grasp.
Standing before him with her hands on her hips, hair still mused and with one breast hanging out of her top, Onew was amazed at how stunning his girlfriend was. How did he get so lucky?
“What’s your ideal type?”
This gorgeous woman was it.
However, as of now, his ideal type looked kinda pissed as she grabbed the torn cup of her halter and stuck her bottom lip out in a cute pout.
“I will buy you a new one. I will buy you 50 new ones in all the colors they have. That thing is the sexiest piece of almost clothing I have ever seen. But, baby, it doesn’t matter right now.”
He stood and pulled her to him with his hands on her hips. He dipped his head to her shoulder, kissing the skin lightly before bighting at it. He only meant to nuzzle her tenderly but before he knew it, the emotions he had been shoving deep all day started to come to the surface and he had her pushed up against the wall, biting her neck and sucking hard enough to leave very visible bruises on her tanned skin.
Her hands tangled in his hair and pulled at the strands harshly, just the way he liked it when he was in this kind of mood.
“Jinki, baby, what’s a matter.” She whispered as he tore at his shirt trying to get it off his body.
‘Had a bad day, I need you.”
“No,” she said as she released her hold on him, “you need to relax. Take off your clothes and come to the bathroom when you are ready.”
She slid past him and the view she left him with almost brought him to his knees. Her cream-colored panties weren’t thongs, but the kind of hip huggers that showed off the bottom curve of her ass, the creamy lace seeming to frame one of his favorite features.
Onew had never gotten naked as fast as he did then. Stripping off the designer ripped jeans and toeing off his socks while dropping his underwear to the floor while stumbling out of the room and down the hall.
He could smell the candles that she kept in the bathroom to use during baths, but he knew from the pattern of falling water that it was the shower running and not the giant tub. He stood in the door naked and watched her toy with the torn cup of her shirt while moving her hips back and forth to the music only she could hear.
He stood there while she tugged off the baby-doll and then shimmied out of the panties. When she reached for the water to test the temperature of it and then got in he quickly slid in behind her and pushed her up against the wall, the water from the overhead shower raining water down on them and he had never been happier he had upgraded the shower as much as he had.
Moving her hair to the side and nibbled at her neck as she gasped at the cold wall against her already erect nipples. One hand grabbed her ass as the other quickly delved between her thighs to slide up and down her slit. He pushed a leg in between hers to push her feet further apart and give him more room.
When she moaned and tilted her head back for a kiss her obliged, kissing her lips and then pushing into her mouth when she opened for him. His middle finger pushed inside of her and he rubbed his palm against her clit while pushing her against the wall more forcefully with his hips. He roughly grinded against her ass, his large cock fitting between her cheeks as her moans got louder.
When Onew added a second finger and then curled them, hitting her g-spot, she cried out, her body starting to shake with her need.
“You ready already baby?” he whispered in her ear, his voice seemingly an octave lower than normal.
“Yes, yes, Jinki, now!”
He turned her from the wall, let her step up on the low lip of the shower stall and bent her over. His hand gripping harshly at her hips, Onew admired the view as he guided his cock to her slit. Sliding up and down twice before guiding himself to her wet entrance.
Usually he prepped her more, he knew his size could work against him if he didn’t, but the need to be buried deep was overwhelming. He pushed in roughly half way and paused a moment before pulling back, rubbing her skin and apologizing even as he pushed back in, this time even deeper. Her walls gripped him so hard it almost hurt, but the pleasure-pain was intoxicating and he couldn’t even dream of stopping.
Her hand reached back to pinch his thigh, the signal that she was fine. That sign on top of her constant moans was enough to have him thrusting in again; he was almost all the way, her body accommodating him - welcoming him home. He reached to caress the back of her neck before pulling her wet hair in a firm grip.
His hips worked hard into her. Over and over, each thrust making them both feel amazing as they chased their orgasms. She was pushing back into him, one hand braced on the wall while the other was holding his hand that was gripping her hip.
With the water running over them and the feel of her walls grasping desperately at his member, the shock wave of the orgasm felt much stronger than he was expecting. He came, shouting her name and releasing her hip to rub his first two fingers against her clit sending her over the cliff too.
His hips continued to rock into her as they both came down. The water, once exciting, now relaxing as it flowed over them.
He pulled out, already missing her heat, but turned her around so he could hold her. He pressed a soft kiss to the crown of her head and nuzzled against the wet strands.
“Thank you jagi. I love you.”
She giggled.
“What are you laughing about? You’re gonna hurt my ego by laughing after one of the best orgasms of my life.” He pulled back to look at her face, the smile made her glow and her eyes smiled too.
“Kibum called me earlier. It’s why I went out to buy the outfit.”
“So you go buy sexy things after Key calls you? I am not sure that I like that.”
“He said you got The Question today. I knew you would be irritated.”
Onew snorted out a laugh. Yeah, there was no keeping how much he hated that question from her.
She took a step back, raising both arms and fluffed her soaking wet hair in a way that was supposed to be sexy.
“So Onew, am I your type?”
He grabbed her and pulled her into a heated kiss.
“Let me show you.”

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