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Hello and Welcome! Our Foreign Flower has commenced blossoming in a world filled with handsome kings! But like nature designed, the petals must open up one by one to reveal a beautiful flower. This, ladies and gents, is Dae-Sung's petal<3 :) Here is Season 2 premiere in case you're confused about what's to come! And Dae-Sung's episodes thus far~ > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3
Episode 4~ The day progressed in silence. Dae-Sung canceled all his appointments and sat on the floor while you took the couch. He had turned on the television and played movies, laughing along while you watched in silence. He would glance up at you every time the screen blacked out due to a change of scene but your face stayed expressionless. <<I can't stay here. I have to leave, I have to get as far away as I possibly can from here in case they're following me.... in case, they decide strike where it'll hurt me the most.>> Your eyes flicker down to Dae-Sung, his smiling profile made your insides tingle with a calming sensation. <<I can't let anyone get hurt because of me. I won't let anyone suffer through any sort of pain if it's because of me. I need to move out or..... quit.>> Dae-Sung turns around to look at you. Your eyes meet, causing a gentle smile to sprout across his lips. “Am I boring you?” Your thoughts clear up in an instant and replace it with a sense of guilt. <<Aishh. He welcomed me into his home and yet I'm being selfish.>> You press your lips into a fine line and shake your head, “Of course not oppa, I just- I just have a lot on my mind. I'm sorry.” He rotates his body to face you and tucks his knees in to rest his chin on top of his knees, “Don't be, sweetie. I understand the shock that you're going through.” He reaches over and puts his hand on top of your own, “just remember that you're not alone. You have me, and you have the hyungs, and everyone else in the company. We all care about you.” He takes a deep breath then flashes his angelic smile, “I love you.” Your face softens into a small half smile, “I love you too, oppa. Thank you.” His head drops down for a minute then lifts back with a different type of smile, “Go get your laptop sweetie. If you don't tell Ji-Yong hyung, I'll let you get away with doing some work from here.” You swallow hard. <<Would it be too much of a sin if I just leaned down and stole a kiss?>> He lifts an eyebrow, “What is it?” You look away and grin, “It's nothing, oppa's cuteness is just overwhelming sometimes.” He chuckles and crosses his legs, stretching his arms behind him to support himself up, “Cuteness? Yaah, I prefer the more manlier term of handsomeness.” You stand up and bow your head, “I'll keep that in mind.” He chuckles again as you retrieve your laptop from the boxes that had been stacked against the wall. You look back to find a place to settle down but end up settling in the kitchen where the quietness helped narrow down your concentration to your emails. You pull up several documents and immediately begin engulfing yourself in the process of reading and translating, oblivious to the smiling Dae-Sung that had buzzed over from the living room and looked over your shoulder. “That looks really hard.” His warm voice echoes in your head, making you jump when you look up and realize how close his lips were to your ear. He grins and pulls back, “Sorry, I got curious and wondered over to see if you had escaped and ran to the office.” You grin, watching his eye smile off the reflection of your computer screen, “I wouldn't think of it when I have such a protective oppa around.” He steps around and leans in, your nose catching on to the sweet smell of his cologne and converting it into a type of distraction. “Do you need any help? Oppa was really good in school, I can help you with anything.” You glance at him and smile, “I appreciate your kind offer, oppa, but this is the only thing keeping me from over thinking about what happened.” Dae-Sung pulls out a stool and sits down next to you, laying his head on top of his arm to support the tilt of his head. “Oppa may not know exactly what you're feeling, or how your thought process is trying to sort things out, sweetie. But I do know that you'll experience fear, you'll be confused, and half the time, you'll just want to stay from those who care the most about you because you don't know what will happen and for all those moments, I'll be here for you.” You draw your fingers back and stare down at them, “It's like, I'm stuck between two options, one being the easy way out, and the other putting everything and everyone in danger.” Dae-Sung lifts his head and takes your hands in his own, Don't think such negative thoughts. It may seem like the end of the world right now, but take my word, it's not. Trust me, trust the hyungs, trust us all when we say that we'll get to the bottom of this to make sure nothing ever hurts you.” <<God I just want to kiss you!>> You look away and dip your head for a quick bow, “Thank you oppa, for being gentle and for being kind, and for being an oppa to me.” He flashes you a quick smile then lets go of your hands and spins around, jumping off the stool once his back was turned to you, “I'll let you work but don't work too hard okay?” “Okay,” you reply but Dae-Sung had already left the kitchen once the word successfully left you mouth. You sigh and glance back at your laptop, <<He's so wonderful and perfect and yet, it feels like something is bugging him. Should I ask?>> You shift your attention back to your work and continue, blocking out any type of distractions from the outside world once more. You attach the saved document to an email and hit enter, shooting it through the virtual world to its destination on the other side of town. With the amount of tabs slowly shrinking from many to only a couple, you stretch your arms above your head and yawn. “About time you make a sound, I was starting to believe that you were an actual flower, photosynthesizing there to stay alive.” Your eyes shoot up from the computer screen to see Dae-Sung standing in front of the stove, turning his head to smile at you. “What?” You ask. “I've been wondering in and out, doing different things and checking in on you but every time, I still found you sitting there frozen in place with your fingers clicking away at the keys.” You raise an eyebrow, “what do you mean? I've only been here for-” your eyes shift down to check the clock, causing a loud gasp to leave your lips when the laptop displayed the numbers for you big and bright. “No way! It is not that late!” Dae-Sung laughs, “You basically pulled a whole work day right in the spot. I was surprised to see that you hadn't moved an inch, not even to eat or use the restroom.” “Oppa, I am so sorry spending all day online! You should have tapped my shoulder or something!” “I did, I even laid out some apple slices for you, but when I came back in, you didn't even seem to notice them so I just figured you weren't hungry.” You look around and see the small plate that Dae-Sung was talking about, filling your insides with heavy weights of guilt. “Oppa, I'm really sorry.” “You hurt oppa's feeling with your unresponsive behavior.” He cries out with his back turned to you. “Oppa! Don't say that! I'm really am sorry!” <<Aishh, I shouldn't have even sat down to work.>> Dae-Sung sighs then turns around and shakes his head, “You know what? For ignoring me completely, you're going to have to do me a big favor.” “Anything,” you say, jumping out of your seat to bow deeply. He leans against the counter and poses as if he were in a bad boy photo shoot, “I don't like admitting this since it's one of my low points but since I noticed the type of work you were doing, I thought, this can play out in my favor.” Your eye brows shoot up, “What can?” He leans in and smirks mischievously, “As punishment for ignoring oppa, the favor you owe is helping oppa learn English, starting tomorrow bright and early.” You flinch, “That's it?” “But, there's a condition.” He adds on. You continue to watch him as his arms reach across to you and drag away your laptop, “You can't use this to help you, nor can you do work for the entire day tomorrow.” You sigh, acknowledging your unhealthy workaholic ways, “Consider it done.” Dae-Sung's cheers, “I'm going to surpass Ji-Yong hyung with my incredible speaking skills!” You shake your head and smile, snatching up the apple slices that continued to remain untouched, “I'm going to go wash up, make sure you're prepared for tomorrow then.” Dae-Sung shoots you a wink, “Oppa is always prepared.” You leave the kitchen and make way towards the guest bedroom where your things had now been moved. You look around and see the suitcase leaning against the closet door as a few pictures that had survived had been sealed into new frames and hung on the wall. A warm feeling runs through your body as a smile grew on your face. <<He did this all while I was working.... He genuinely tried to make me feel like at was at home.... I knew he was a kind soul but I didn't know the extent.>> You walk over to your suitcase and rummage through it to find clean clothes then leave the small piece of heaven and lock the bathroom door. You finish showering later than you anticipated due to the clean water on your skin washing away the negative thoughts that emerged. You stare at Dae-Sung's skin care products while you dry your hair and change into clean clothes, pausing to pick up the face mask that had caught your attention earlier that day. Once you stepped out, you sprawled across the bed in the guest bedroom, staring at the wall closest to you that Dae-Sung had decorated with the remaining photos that had survived the hell you saw, falling asleep to the comfort that he had created in such a short amount of time.
You wake up to the sound of soft laughter traveling through the walls. The tone of it making you smile when you realize it was Dae-Sung's voice. You sit up and look around, still feeling the sense of comfort that you had fallen asleep to, then climb out of bed and escape into the restroom to freshen up before emerging into the living room to see Dae-Sung sitting on the floor with a notebook and pens laid out beside him. He looks up and shoots you a bright smile, “Good morning! Oppa is ready to learn whenever you're ready to teach!” <<I-I thought h-he was k-kidding.>> You run a hand through your hair, “Let me just eat breakfast and we'll get on it.” You cut across him and scurry into the kitchen to see pumpkin porridge already made for you. The sight makes your heart flutter, <<Aishh, he really shouldn't have.>> You fill up a bowl and take a seat on the stool, “oppa!” you call out. You hear Dae-Sung jump up and run into the kitchen, “What is it?” he responds. “Grab your stuff, we'll start right now,” you say, blowing the steam off of the porridge before slipping it into your mouth. Dae-Sung's eyes begin to smile as he turns away to snatch up his stuff then return and settle in the stool beside you. You take his pen and begin a basic sentence, testing his range of vocabulary, pronunciation, and the accuracy of his syntax. He watches you carefully, repeating everything you say and taking notes in his notebook for future references. You wash your bowl quickly and sit back down beside him, explaining the purpose of certain pragmatics he could run into during business related situations and even in conversations with fans. You draw diagrams for him, even stick figures and objects, labeling them in Hangul so he could start addressing them in English by sound without having to worry about romanization yet. “Is there anything in particular you want to tackle immediately?” You ask, observing him make small notes on the margin of the notebook. “Hmmm, I can't think of anything right now.” He responds, eyes glued to the paper in front of him. “Don't push yourself too hard in one day, language learning is a gradual process.” He looks up at you and smiles with his eyes, “I am.... so glad.... you are here.” He says in English. You grin, “Thank you for giving me such a pleasant opportunity, oppa.” You reply in English. “Translation please,” he laughs. “I only understood thank you and oppa.” You wink playfully, “I'll leave it as your homework.” A faint sound enters your ears, you look up and listen closer, realizing the sound of your ring tone and jumping down from your seat to take off towards the guest bedroom. “Hello?” You breath into the speaker. “We were notified that you were feeling sick, are you feeling better?” you recognize the CEO's assistant's voice. “Ah, yes yes, I'm feeling better.” “Great. We need you back in your office tomorrow morning. There's a meeting with the board in a couple of days that the CEO needs you to prepare for.” “Yes, I'll be there tomorrow.” The line goes dead. You set your phone down and sigh, then wonder back into kitchen. “What's wrong?” Dae-Sung asks as soon as you walk in. “They need me to return to the office tomorrow to prepare for a board meeting.” You answer, sitting back down next to him. He grins, “If the hyungs ask, we'll tell them you escaped while I was asleep.” A giggle escapes from your lips, “How about I used my charm to take you down?” He laughs, “I think that's more believable.” You both continue with the multiple English lessons, only taking breaks to allow the mind to process the information. Dae-Sung even cooked stew, telling you the ingredients in English to keep the lesson going. The light outside darkens into a soft glow from the moon. You sat on the floor with Dae-Sung laughing along with him at an episode of Doraemon that you had found in the back of your closet. Occasionally pausing the scenes and asking him to explain to you what happened but in English. His warm laughter and heartfelt smile causing every feeling of love to spread across your body, making you nervous and yet, at the same time, calming you like peace on Earth. “I'll keep working hard to impress you with my skills.” Dae-Sung grinned, standing in the doorway to your room with his hands in his pocket. You smirk, “Impress me? Why would you have to do that?” He shrugs, “So you like oppa.” “But I already like oppa....” Your voice trails off with the realization of how easy it rolled off your tongue. He grins, “You do huh? I'm glad. I'll have to figure out how to keep you liking me.” You clear your throat, “Well, I should go to bed now.” You stand up and pull off the covers, taking your time to avoid looking at him with a flushed face. Dae-Sung laughs from behind, “I'm sorry. Oppa doesn't mean to be so straight forward. How about I tuck you in to make up for it?” You turn around and stare at him, “No.” He continues grinning with his eyes, “Not even a kiss goodnight?” “Oppa! That's sexual harassment!” He gasps, his hands covering his heart for a more dramatic effect, “I would never! I'm the most harmless one besides Young-Bae hyung!” You grab your pillow and fling at him, laughing at how easily he caught it and pretended to be injured with the sudden attack. “Aigoo! I give! I give! This flower is much too beautiful for me!” He leans against the opposite wall and slides down, tilting his head and closing his eyes while he slid his tongue out. You walk over to him then lean down and tug the pillow from his arms. With your breath held in and your eyes shut tight, you look up and quickly plant a soft kiss on his cheek then withdrawal as fast as thunder and slip into your room, “Okay goodnight!” You lean your head against the closed door with a hand over your pounding heart. <<I did not just..... did I just..... he really asked for a..... I just committed the biggest sin known to man.....>> A long sigh escapes through your lips as you lift your head and turn towards the bed. You crawl in and turn off the lights, trying hard to shut down your thoughts from overwhelming you with scenarios. The following morning you're greeted with a smile by every coworker you bump into on your way to your office. Everything felt as if nothing ever happened. No one knew about the horror you experienced just a few days ago. Time had simply continued for the world as your own time had come to a drastic halt and flipped your own world upside down. You stare at the stack of papers on your desk, then bang your head against the door and quickly slip inside before anyone had a chance to ask where the sound had originated from. You leave everything in your bag on the chair across from your desk and immediately wake up your computer, plunging yourself into the large pile until your eyes grew tired and your fingers ached from stretching all over the keyboard. The next day was a repeat of the same things, causing you to leave Dae-Sung's apartment earlier than usual, and arrive later than what you're used to. The day of the board meeting had crept up on slowly. You rush out of the apartment once again and make it to the office early enough to review what would be discussed and what the goal would be for the entire meeting. The CEO's assistant pops his head in only to give you a heads up of where and when the meeting will take place. You give him the finale of the paperwork you had spent working on then return your attention to the agenda to come.
A gentle knock on your door makes you jump in your seat. You look up and see Dae-Sung poking his head through the doorway with a bright smile on his face. “I heard you've been working nonstop lately, no wonder I haven't seen you at home. I was starting to think you'd really left me,” he says, making his way to take a seat across from you. You smile, feeling your thoughts settle with a sense of tranquility washing over you. “I'm sorry, I've been leaving early and coming back late.” He sets a small tote in front of you, “I figured you've been under a lot of stress so I brought you some lunch to make sure you're eating.” Your heart thumbs out of its regular rhythm, “Oppa, you really shouldn't have. I don't mean to troubl-” He puts his hands up to stop you, “It's not trouble at all. I honestly just needed an excuse to come see you.” He chuckles nervously. Your eye brow shoots up, “Oppa you don't need an excuse. Tell me, what's on your mind?” He looks down and sighs then leans forward in his seat and brings his gaze up at you again, “Actually, I've been-” A loud knock makes the two of you jump simultaneously. You look up towards the door and see the CEO's assistant standing in the doorway with the CEO himself next to him. “They're ready for us,” YG's assistant says in a solid voice. You stand up immediately, “Ah yes, I'm ready.” Dae-Sung stands up and bows to the CEO and his assistant. “I'm so sorry oppa, I have to go.” You watch Dae-Sung give you a different kind of smile that made your stomach twist in guilt. “Don't worry about it, I knew you were busy.” You follow him out of the door and into the elevator where the CEO and his assistant were already waiting. You bow hello and feel awkward butterflies in your stomach begin to take flight with the presence of Dae-Sung and YG himself in the same small space. The door dings open, Dae-Sung bows goodbye then turns to smile at you as the doors closed, “Remember to eat plenty!” But the doors closed before you could answer. The CEO clears his throat and glances over to you, “Does he visit you often in your office?” Every sense of logic collapses with the random curve ball. “N-no sir. He j-just stopped by to s-say hello.” <<Damnit! Don't stutter! Pull yourself together or else he'll ask more questions!>> YG nods, “I see. Typical Dae-Sung.” You force yourself to smile in order to hide the terror you felt underneath your skin. The doors open once more to the main floor. You follow the CEO into the conference room and fight off every distracting thought regarding Dae-Sung or the awkwardness in the elevator. The meeting last well into the evening. By the time you made it back to your office, the sky had darkened enough to only allow a few pink highlights to coat on top of the deep hues. Your stomach growled as you sat on your chair and opened up your email until your nose catches a whiff of what Dae-Sung had brought for you. <<Dear Dae-Sung, thank you so much for thinking of me. Without you, I would have starved until I got back.>> You reach for the small tote and pull out a thermal and a spoon. Your eyes roll to the back of your head in delicious pleasure the moment the stew touched your tongue. You eat it slowly, taking your time to appreciate every bite while you finished the remaining requests that YG had asked for. <<Aishh, it's getting late, I'll just finish this when I get back.>> You put everything away back in the tote and turn off the computer then stretch your arms high above your head and rise out of your seat. You close the door to the office gently and slip into the elevator, enjoy the blissful silence that the building emitted so late into the night. Dae-Sung's apartment emitted the same blissful quietness. You shut the door as carefully as possible and tiptoe into your room to change then grab the tote and your laptop to make way into the kitchen. You stop dead in your tracks at the sight of Dae-Sung passed out on his couch. <<Aishh, oppa, you're going to get sick if you sleep here.>> You continue into the kitchen to set your things down then return to fetch a blanket from your room to use to cover Dae-Sung. You look at him, noticing his eyebrows pressed together. <<No no, angels aren't supposed to have bad dreams.>> With your thumb, you rub the spot where his eyebrows met to erase the crease. His face relaxes into a small smile, making the warm sensation he gives you, once again wash over your body. You walk into the kitchen again and wash the thermal and the spoon, then take a seat on the stool and begin the tasks you postponed. “You're here.” Your fingers freeze above the keys, you turn around and see Dae-Sung leaning against the wall then make his way to the sink to grab a cup of water. “I just got home. Did I wake you? I'm sorry, oppa.” He shakes his head then takes a slip and sets the glass down, “No, I got used to waiting up for you these past few days but I usually end up waking up when you're already in bed.” “Oppa!” You mouth drops, “Don't wait up for me! You're putting your health at risk!” He grins, “I'm as healthy as a horse. Nothing can bring me down.” Your face tugs your lips into a half smile, “But still, don't wait up for me anymore.” “Okay, I won't, but only because I don't want you to think that I was worried or anything.” You smile, “That's the last thing I want oppa to do, to worry about me.” He jumps up, “Oh! I've been meaning to tell you!” “Ah yes, what's up?” You lean and cup your face in your hands, supporting them up on your elbows while giving all your attention to Dae-Sung. “I've been practicing, my English. Do you want to hear?” You giggle, “Of course I do!” He clears his throat and structures his face into a more serious look, “I love you."
Omo! Has Daesung really been practice that one word? Why is he so serious? Did he really stay up to wait for you to come home? *cries* That's so cute! XD Things are about to unravel here in the next episode of Dae-Sung's petal! Hope you're ready! ;D Let me know what you think thus far! :D Anybody else trip when YG was in the doorway? *shivers* See you all on Thursday! :D Thank you! *bows*
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All these cliffhangers. I should just wait until all the episodes are released but I'm too impatient
lovely just lovely, this one had all the feels . I feel so good.. I love me some DaeSungie Oppa moments. made me so happy.!!!
He is just the best! This was great, and such a treat after a REALLY long day at work.
@sarahdarwish i was thinking that myself but then I am too impatient for that too. I want to read it as soon as it comes out. lol
he is seriously killing me with his sweetness. ❤❤
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