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It's finally time you guys. To kick off our this introduction let's get familiar with the leader, Kyungil!! Quick Facts: Real Name: Song Kyung Birth Date: November 28, 1987 Position: Leader, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist Now let's see some fun facts.
He has experience as a model. (no surprise there)
Part of Nuthang, which was a group of close friends that included Gdragon and T.O.P, along with Lee So Hyuk(model), Yang Seungho, and other famous artists, actors, models, stylists, and more.
He has a major in modern dancing.
He was also featured in two of IU MVs. In "Cruel Fairy Tale" he was a background dancer and in "Beautiful Dancer" he was a main dancer.
I hoped you enjoy learning about Kyungil! Next will be Dokyun!

Is he your bias? Let Me Know!

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He is... Wow! I'm new to the History fandom, but this one here stole my heart the moment I walked in the door and he's steadily climbing my list.
2 years ago·Reply
@StefaniTre he never tags the fam
2 years ago·Reply
Love him!!!!
a year ago·Reply
Kyungil, my bias, is dangerous sexy and cute. He's Kyungillegal!
a year ago·Reply
Kyungil is to totally my History bias ❤
a year ago·Reply