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First conversations are always a little weird...

My best friend and I met in an airport, not knowing that we were on our way to the same school for college. She told me she liked my skirt ;D

My boyfriend and I first talked about mostly work things, but we started talking more seriously when we talked about the Frances Ha soundtrack!

Do you remember what your first conversation with your best friend or your significant other was?

omg looking back at my convos with bf(keep in mind middle school sweetheart) makes me crack up . seeing how innocently we flirted and how we figured out life without emojis before
I don't really know how my conversation started with ppl I used to date cause I was shy at that time. I just didn't care of who was meet and pretend I'm having fun, which I don't. So I'm just going to talk about my Guy BFF since, coincidence we just talked about it today, our first conversation is way better to explain it in person tho. Ok, My best friend(Guy) and I are best friends since middle school. I do remember our conversation cuz it made me laugh crazy. He made the first conversation of talking to me straight up during lunch time if I like video games? So, I answered, "yeah, I play zombies, fights, halo, car races, crash, and basically classic one-like pac-man and my favorite one Galaga." So, than he was impress by his impression and told me that I'm very nice. lol Cuz Afterwards he confessed me that when someone introduce for him to me in elementary, in pointing fingers, they advice him to stay away from me for his safety. lol (I was very demanding before, but not any more when I entered in middle school, just FYI) Than we started to talk more of how funny things were to turn out. We started to talk about how "nice-mean" I am and, weird enough to have an awesome conversation while eating hot cheetos with yogurt馃槀 lol Now, he's still my BFF in high school and became closer than ever and becaming brother and sister for ever and ppl think that we're dating 馃槀
I met my best friend in high school because she didn't know how to open the top half of her locker. I don't remember the conversation vividly, but apparently she asked how to open it and I walked over and opened it for her. I don't think I said anything to her. we met again later and then the rest is history :) she confessed to me a while back that when she first saw me and contemplated asking me for help, she though I might be a bitch 馃槓 lol which is fair I did come off pretty cold and sometimes I still do but that's cuz I'm shy and don't talk a lot with strangers, but look at me now 馃榾
The night I met my boyfriend online, I asked him if he would keep me safe from zombies. He says that was when he knew he liked me.
My boyfriend and I went through our old Facebook messages from three years ago not too long ago. I cringe so much reading it now. Haha Ours was mostly getting to know each other and flirting. Lol