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Have you ever cooked for someone else - whether it was a parent, a partner, or just a group of friends?

What did you cook? How did it go? Was it a total disaster or actually something pretty delicious?

I made pizza for the family, but my mom noticed there was jalape帽os chopped and served as a topping so she took "the least contaminated" slice and removed them. Her mouth proceeded to be lit on fire. I had put crushed red pepper flakes in the sauce. It was a good time. Everyone enjoyed the show and my pizza. :D
I cook all the time!! My roommate and family love my cooking!!! I grilled out last weekend - chicken and steak fajitas with grilled veggies, chicken satay, BBQ chicken with homemade BBQ sauce and beer brined park chops. Oh and potato salad 馃榿
I don't cook very often but one time I watched the anime Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) and decided to make one of the dishes that the main character made. It was essentially mashed potatoes wrapped in bacon and it was delicious!
@danidee so smoothed pork chops is when the pork chops are smoothed with gravy. so usually we bake the pork chops first untill they are a little under done, then you prepare your gravy in a skillet and put the pork chops in with gravy until they are done. BAM smoothed pork chops 馃槅
jaja this was funny..and i love to cook!
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