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When You Make Her Dinner At Home

Have you ever cooked for someone else - whether it was a parent, a partner, or just a group of friends?

What did you cook? How did it go? Was it a total disaster or actually something pretty delicious?

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@TrishaXx my bad pork chops. Sometimes that autocorrect can be a beast Lol
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@matty0203 i knew what u meant .. i was just messing with u lol
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I made cookies with my grandma for my mother for Mother's Day. I burned them. 😂😂😂😂 I was crying for 10 minutes then my grams told me "It's OK, they are just burned from the out side" them we ate burned chocolate chip cookies with ALOT of milk. I never made cookies again. the end (this was when I was 7)
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@danidee sorry I didn't answer right away but I would be delighted Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/8af86c8d1398bc001e7b07bff52a862b/raw
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I made homemade pancakes before...extra fluffy and delicious
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