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I just finished reading the manga!!! It's awesome! Highly recommended! Especially if your into the sports/comedy. I can't tell you how many times everyone told me to shut up because I was laughing too hard!
It's a volley ball manga. (There's also an anime) If the color of his hair didn't already make it obvious but the Orange haired dude it basically the main character. (My definition may be different from yours. No Hate.) He sucks at volley ball but he has amazing speed and reflexes also He can jump super high. The black straight haired dude has amazing talent and doesn't get along with Hinata Shouyo. (The main character)
They end up on the same volley ball team in high school. Kageyama, the black haired dude, helps Hinata prove his talent in spikes. The rest of the team teaches them New strengths and meanings in volley ball. Its AWESOME!! Plus, I haven't cried yet! Then again, the series is still ongoing. The main point is;I am seriously addicted! What are y'all's opinions???
@dreeP Lol! I have too agreed that, that is one of the best scenes!!!
@LorettaHon I think my favorite scene is when they play johzenji high where Tanaka and nishyosha stop in mid air HAHAHA made me laugh so hard
@dreeP His determination for the sport is addicting. What's your favorite scene???
I'm right there with you haha I fell in love with this manga/anime because of hinata XD