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We've all experienced the awkward small talk that comes with first meeting someone, but we often forget that we felt that way even with the people we're closest to now!

One of the reasons I started dating my boyfriend was because I never felt that awkwardness with him. We were friends before, and I felt like we never had an awkward stage.

Do you love or hate the awkward time of dating or becoming friends?!

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I like it
My Fiance and I were also friends before we started dating. Even when we were becoming friends we didn't have awkward times. It was just natural for us lol. We became friends in 10th grade and realized we really liked each other in 12th grade. So we are like best friends now and its awesome! No awkwardness for us.
i love the awkwardness!! its so weird lol
Hate the awkwardness.... Like totally... N specially being me... I do the most silly things when awkward... Even running out from that situation is one among them... Most of my best friends are the ones with whom i can just be myself and don't worry about it.... I don't like second guessing my own self..!!
Loooove it!! its always so uncomfortable and awkward but makes the best memories