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Story Plot:
This is only the intro of this bare with me..
This story is based on real life event's, That has happen to me on my daily living.
NOTE: It might contain creepy scenes and funny scenes, i don't know yet how many chapters this story will have but who knows... what could happen..
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Drama
February 2nd, 2016
An Unfurnished house Beautiful on the outside but empty on the inside, as I walked into that stone path that lead to the entrance. The owner of the house opened the door for me, I walked in to notice a solitary living room as I walked into the middle of the living room, and to the left I could see a beautiful modernized kitchen with red mahogany wood polished cabinets. I kept walking towards that smell of wood of that kitchen I stopped walking and took a deep breathe, and smiled.
I can still remember the scent of new painted white walls and new polished floor. The owner called me out to walk towards this white door that was attached to the kitchen, as if it was to go into the garage. He slowly opened the door I walked in and saw a full closet on my right and left I had two other doors. That latte colored house that has three big windows with a garage integrated outside, its inside was a complete room with a full bathroom, who knew that garage would be a room and a bathroom inside.
Suddenly the owner of the house, called me out once again to see the last two rooms. One of the rooms is beside my room I could see everything from the inside of it,
I didn’t mind since it was a lonely house...
March 27, 2016
A month passed and finally the house was for sale, I thought the house would never be bought because they were asking for a lot of money for just a small house. A family of three made their way to the patio, the screaming & laughing of children made him walk to the patio of that house.
I was playing with my nieces back then chasing them around playing and screaming “tag you’re it”.
Little that I felt someone staring at me, His strong half-moon winged stretched dark brown eyes, The bright sunset behind him that made him look tanner but the truth is that he’s a light skinned and tall gal. His Starry eyes looking at me playing with my nieces and smiling at me hiding his smile between his perfectly thin heart shaped pink lips while he tucked is hands into the pockets of his washed ripped jeans and his deep black V-neck shirt where you would see a bit of his chest.
I could still feel and remember how I first saw him.
I could feel the fresh calm breeze heading into the inland how it moved my long dark brown hair. How his parents kept talking to him and he would just smile and replied with his native language and carefully nodded. In Slow Motion I would see him turn his head and look at me with his smirked smile that made me caught my eye.
I asked myself,
“Why is he looking at me?”
I turned around and ignored him the more I ignored him the more he would search for me to meet his eyes.
Once again I questioned myself,
“Will he buy the house? I hope he doesn’t... because, I don’t like the way he looks at me”
What do you guys think?
What will happen, on the next chapter of Neighbors?
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