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what do u all think of oppa new style i happen to like it its SEXY and HOT but only if its temporary haha i knw him btr then dat not 2 do dat 2 himself for permanent I LOVE HIM HE IS JUST 2HOTTT i like his dis BAD BOY SEXY IMAGE I LIKE HOW HE ALWAYS SURPRISE US HIS FAN W COOL AND DYNAMIC SEXY LOOKS MUAHHS :-* ;) <3
@mheekell yup oppa is really showing his dirty and wild side ;-) but don't worry its not for permanent as long as I knw him he won't keep up w that style for long its just for the short time period but for the moment I am loving it I like how oppa gives it all and goes to extreme and surprise us his fans and even in this dynamic look he pulls it off soo well and dats just one of,his charms right naa lol I love oppa <3 :-*
For sure not permanent.. He make himself dirty.. But anyway if he likes that go and who cares right 👍👍❤💋
l cant imagin .is that guy how i saw him in boy befor flower ha ha ha he realy surprise us
best back never see it. .