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I know everyone else has done their cards on this, but I needed to time to come back from happy penguin land. So I could organize my thought and pictures. 😹. Everyone that biases a group member that doesn't talk understands that the struggle is real! And having one with an amazing voice is even harder. I could listen to him read the take out menus and be happy. So when I found out about this broadcast I about died. I was like, " My UB get an hour all to himself !" No one interrupting , making fun of or talking over him! 🙀 There may have been a happy dance. I won't lie.
I was so worried he would get flustered. But he did really well. You could tell he was nervous. I swear those cards were like a security blanket. He did such a good job with reading the comments. So sweet! However he was doing and cutting at the same time. I was a little nervous.
He was so sweet. He kept taking about his mom.
I am determined to learn to beat eggs with chopsticks. Just to see if I can lol
I was excited when Xiumin and Chen came in. Lol they kept getting in the way. I swear Xiumin ate the whole time. Must have been yummy. I love that they he was smiling while they were there. But I noticed he wasn't talking as much.
Chen was so sweet to him before they left.
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That's my Minnie eat eat eat lol! I'm pretty sure it's impossible for Jongdae to be anything but a sweetheart. I feel like Kyungsoo is me around most of my friends, I tend to take more of a backround role while they're around letting them talk and be the life of the party. I'm happy just watching them have fun. But how adorable is he in those glasses?!
@KellyOConnor IKR!!! He is adorable with his glasses on. He looks totally different.
@KellyOConnor well I mean he is always adorable but you know what I mean
@Tigerlily84 yes he is ALWAYS adorable but the glasses are just ugh lol
@KellyOConnor EXACTLY!