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Chapter 17 - The Truth

I continued to walk home with heavy steps, the tears still gently rolling down my face.
I felt numb. After running for awhile, I had decided to walk, wanting to calm down some more and process everything that had just happened before I got home.
Why did he do it? I can't believe that he would do that...
I never could of seen that happening.
I definitely need to tell Sehun.
I turned the corner, about to walk down my street when I froze.
I panicked as I saw a bunch of reporters standing at the front of the entrance to the apartment.
I quickly hid behind the wall I just came from.
Shoot, they found out where I lived?
I peeked around the corner to see that none of them were at the door yet but they were either on the phone or preparing to set the cameras up.
I need to call Adara.
I hastily dialed her number and thankfully she picked up.
"Hey, how did-"
"Adara, do not answer the door," I interrupted.
"There are a bunch of reporters waiting outside of the complex. I was just about to come home but I stopped when I saw them. So do not answer the door at all."
"Okay, but what are you going to do? You can't really come back in, they will know about you and Sehun if you do."
"I will just go and maybe sit at the park near our house. It's not like they know what I look like so I should be okay. I will call you if anything happens." I told her.
"Sounds good. You also have to tell me what happened with Suho when you come back as well. I want to know what happened!" she stated.
"I will. Okay, I am going to go. Talk to you later," I said.
"Be safe!" she exclaimed as she ended the phone call.
I peeked around the corner one last time to see that the reporters hadn't budged an inch.
Okay, if I just act like I am walking by, I should be fine.
I then walked away from the wall I was using as a cover and continued down the path in front of me. I didn't even dare to glance at the reporters as I feel that would give me away.
After I was out of sight, I remembered that I told Chanyeol that I would call him if any reporters showed up.
I pulled back out my phone and dialed his number.
"Hey, Y/N," he said.
"Hey, sorry to call you but I wanted to let you know that there are now reporters outside of my apartment."
"Really? Wow they found it fast... let me get one of the gu-"
"No, no its okay. I am not even inside the house. I...met up with someone before they showed up and I just came back to see that they were there," I explained, not wanting to tell Chanyeol that I actually met up with Suho and something had happened.
"What about Adara? Is she going to be okay?"
"Yeah, she is fine She is just probably going to binge eat and watch movies all day," I said. He laughed at that.
"What are you going to do then?" he asked me.
"I was going to go and sit at the park near our house. It is a far walk but it will be away from the reporters which will be nice."
"Okay, well just be safe. The last thing we need is for you to fall over or something." he teased.
"Hey! I know I fall over a lot but I am not a complete klutz!"
"Yes you are! All you ever do is trip and fall over," he continued.
"Well...you have big ears!" I retorted, not able to think of anything else to tease him with.
"Y-Yah! I like my big ears!" he whined.
I started to laugh.
"Okay Chanyeol, whatever you say. I am going to go now and I will call you later okay?" I said.
"Okay...meanie," he said.
I continued to giggle.
"Bye," I stated, ending the call.
After placing my phone back in my pocket, I continued my walk to the park.
I was happy to forget about the Suho situation for a while but now that I wasn't talking to anyone anymore, the incident immediately popped back up in my head, bringing my huge smile down.
I could feel the tears resurfacing once again as I was still traumatized by the incident.
I don't think he meant to do it but...
A tear gently rolled down my face. I quickly wiped it away.
I need to call Sehun.
Determined to not hide it from him, I pulled my phone back out and dialed his number.
I started to become nervous the longer the call was connecting and I was about to give up when he answered on the last ring.
"Miss me already?" he answered.
"S-Sehun," I said, sniffling into my phone.
"Y/N? Is everything okay?" he asked, immediately changing his tone.
After he asked, I couldn't hold it in anymore and I started balling.
With the phone pressed to my face, I continued to cry as I walked.
"Y/N?" Sehun tried to get me to answer, but I couldn't.
"I am going to come see you. Where are you?" he asked, suddenly turning more serious.
I broke out of my trance for a second to answer him.
"I-I am at *** p-park," I managed to get out in between my sniffling.
"Okay, I am headed over. Wait for me okay?" he said.
"O-okay," I whispered into the phone.
He hung up the call after I answered him.
I continued to walk to the park and after another 10 minutes I made it to the entrance.
I sat down at a bench as I waited for him.
I was trying to wipe away the tears as I sat there, fully knowing that I probably looked like a complete mess.
I wanted to recollect myself a bit though before he showed up so I took many deep breaths.
In...and out.
In...and out.
After a few, my breathing returned to normal and I was a lot calmer.
Tears were still streaming down my face and I was still sniffling every so often, but at least I was breathing normal.
I sat at the bench for awhile trying to think about what to say to him.
How do I even begin?
"Y/N?" I heard him call out.
I lifted up my head a little bit to see him running towards me.
I noticed that he luckily put a mask on when he left.
Well, thank heavens for that.
As he came closer to me his running slowed as he looked at me.
He looked in shock at my current state.
He slowly came and sat next to me, most likely feeling awkward and not knowing what to do.
"Hey," hey whispered quietly.
"H-Hey," I croaked out.
"A-are you sure it's o-okay for you to be out here? I m-mean what if-"
"Stop, Y/N," he said. I turned to look at him.
"I would rather be in huge trouble than to not see you. As soon as I heard you crying, without hesitation I came running over. You are more important to me than any scandal," he said.
I gave him a small smile.
"T-thank you," I whispered.
"So what's wrong? You can tell me anything, you know that?" he asked.
I nodded.
"Okay, so what happened?"
I took a huge breath, to calm myself down for what I was about to say.
"Y-you can't get mad, okay?" I told him.
He nodded, placing my hand in his to comfort me.
"So...Suho started to text me after I texted you. He was saying things about how he was upset about us being together and how he wanted me to go out with him instead." I started. I glanced over to see that Sehun looked mad. He gripped my hand tighter.
"So, he told me he was near my house and to come meet him. I went to the place he was at and I told him how I really like you and that the only feelings I have ever had for him were ones of admiration. He started to get upset and as I tried to leave, he grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. He got up, and...and..." I trialed off, starting to tear up again.
"You can tell me," Sehun encouraged. I nodded.
"He...kissed me," I told him. I glanced over to see that he was furious. His grip on my hand was extremely tight.
He got up abruptly, scaring me.
"I am going to-"
"S-Sehun," I said, making him turn back to me.
"Don't hurt him okay?" I asked. He looked at me in disbelief.
"How can I not go and hurt him?! He KISSED you. How could he do that?!" he asked, speaking a little too loud.
"I kind of already...hurt him..." I told him. He looked at me confused.
"I...um...slapped him?" I confessed, shocking Sehun.
"Really?" he asked. I nodded.
He sat back down, a little more calm now.
"You really slapped him?" He asked in disbelief.
"Y-Yeah," I said.
"Damn, I wish I could have been there to see that," he said.
I couldn't help but laugh at his statement.
"Remind me not to mess with you," he said, also laughing.
"He didn't try anything else did he?" he continued.
"No, I ran out of the shop before he could do anything else," I told him.
He sighed.
"I still want to go beat him up though," he admitted.
"No, please don't do that. I think he did it out of fear or something. I don't think he realized what he was doing," I assured him.
"Really? Not even a punch?" he pleaded.
"No!" I told him.
"Okay, okay. I won't hurt him." He said. "But you said nothing about not talking to him...so," he said.
I started laughing again.
"Seems fair," I agreed.
"Good. Because, I will be giving him the silent treatment from now on. If I don't I will probably hit him," he said.
I rested my head on his shoulder, taking him by surprise.
"I am happy I told you," I confessed.
"Yes, thank you for telling me. I know it must not have been easy but thank you," he said.
He suddenly got up, pulling me with him.
He hugged me, practically squeezing the life out of me.
I immediately hugged him back, starting to tear up again.
"If anything upsets you like this ever again, just tell me okay? I want to be here for you when stuff like this happens and I want you to know that you can tell me anything," he said.
"Okay, I will," I said.
"I love you," he whispered.
"I love you too," I said.
He pulled back for a second and gently kissed my forehead through his mask, bringing a huge smile to my face.
At that time, I heard my phone go off.
I pulled back for a second and looked to see that is was Adara.
I motioned to Sehun, him giving me the thumbs up.
"Hey," I answered.
"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the reporters are gone. I think they gave up, seeing how no one was coming out of the apartment," she told me.
"Okay, well I will start heading back. I will be there soon," I told her.
"See you in a bit," she said.
"Bye," I responded, ending the phone call.
I turned back around to Sehun.
"She was calling to tell me that the that were in front of my house reporters are gone," I explained.
"Okay, well we should probably go then. I actually have something going on tonight as well," he told me.
"I will text you tomorrow, okay?" he said.
"Okay," I told him, hugging him one last time.
He hugged me back and then quickly let go of me.
"If we don't stop know I don't think I will be able to leave you," he said.
I started laughing.
"Then don't leave~" I pouted.
"Don't tempt me. I don't think I would be able to if you look at me like that," he said.
I continued pouting.
"Stop it!" he said, laughing. I started laughing in response.
I grabbed his hand and we started walking back to his car.
When we reached his car, he let go of my hand.
"Bye, Y/N," he said getting in his car.
"Bye," I said waving to him.
I watched him drive off before I started walking home.
A huge weight had been lifted from me after telling him.
And he was so understanding...
God, I think he must be too perfect for me.
What in the world does he even see in me?
I continued walking back home when I stopped.
No one saw Suho and I did they?
I immediately looked at my phone and went through a bunch of social media to luckily find no pictures of me and Suho from this afternoon.
I sighed in relief.
Thank heavens. That is the last thing that needs to happen right now.
I continued my walk home and when I made it back, I was happy to see no one lurking in front of our house.
I climbed up the steps and after unlocking the door, headed inside.
I found Adara sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
"Ooo it's my favorite part!" I said, running over to the couch after taking my shoes off.
"Well hello to you too," she said.
"So what happened with Suho?" she suddenly asked.
I explained everything that happened with Suho and then how I met Sehun at the park.
"Well Sehun promised not to beat him up but I didn't! Where is he?!" she called out.
I started laughing.
"It's okay, Adara, there is no need to do anything." I reassured.
She scoffed.
"Still, I just want to punch the guy," she said.
"It's okay, he is going to be in enough trouble with Sehun anyways so, I think he knows that what he did was wrong," I explained.
"Okay, if you say so," she said.
I looked down at my phone to see that the time was 8 p.m.
"Ooo! It is time for the Running Man episode with EXO! Mind if we watch it?" I asked.
"Sure! But I get to finish the movie afterwards!" she agreed.
"Call!" I said.
We turned off the DVD player and changed it to the channel that the show was on.
It was just starting and we seemed to only miss the intro.
As I watched it, I felt nostalgic.
To think that when this was going on, it was my first time meeting the boys.
So much has changed since then.
If only I knew back then what I was going to get into.
We were laughing at something one of the members said when suddenly something appeared on the screen.
"Omo! Y/N! Isn't that you!" Adara said.
I looked at the screen to see that it was me. It was from the second game when Lay had pulled me into helping his team.
I looked shocked and frozen as he pulled me to stand next to the others after getting checked as one of the people to be found and getting cleared.
"I can't believe you are on TV! You look amazing by the way," Adara said.
"Thanks," I said while giggling.
After it was announced that they won, they ran over and hugged me and my face was completely red on the screen. After they were all done thanking me, I quickly ran off the screen.
"Man, they kept that part in to?!" I said, embarrassed.
"Oh, come on. You looked adorable!" Adara reassured me.
"Sureee," I told her.
We continued to watch the episode and when it ended I suddenly got a phone call.
I looked down to see that it was from Choon-Hee.
"Hey! What is-"
"Y/N!" she screamed into the phone. "Do you know what is happening right now?!" she asked me.
"No, what is happ-"
"Look on the internet! You are trending!!" she told me.
"What?!" I said.
I quickly went to the web to see that she was right.
There were pictures of me all over and thousands of comments.
"Who is this girl?!"
"She is so pretty!"
"Man, I wish I got to hug EXO like she did! I am so jealous!"
"She works on the production team? I want to see her in more episodes!"
"Who knew that the Running Man team had such a pretty foreigner on their crew?!"
I was in shock.
"Y/N?" Choon-Hee said, calling me back to her.
"What is happening!" I asked.
"I don't know but everyone seems to want to know about you! You are a hit!" she said.
"And this is good...how?" I asked, confused.
"Well, you could be on more episodes in the future. You know like the other PD that is always on there!" she suggested.
"This is crazy. This was the absolute last thing I expected to happen!"
"Be prepared for tomorrow I guess. It will be interesting to see what they have to say about it." she said.
"Okay, well thanks for not letting me be blindsided tomorrow," I told her.
"No problem! I will see you tomorrow then?" she said.
"Yep! See you tomorrow!" I stated, ending the call.
"What happened?" Adara asked.
"Look at this!" I said, showing her all the comments and pictures of me on the internet.
"Oh my god! Y/N! This is amazing!" Adara said.
"I know! Who knew this would happen?" I asked.
"Look at you! You are famous AND you are dating an idol...all within a week!" Adara said.
"Wow, when you put it like that, you are right," I said. "Who knew my life would totally change in just one week?"
"I know! It's like all of this was meant to happen!" She said.
I sighed.
"Okay, well I think I am going to go to bed. It is going to be a long day tomorrow," I said.
"Okay, good night! Sleep well!" She called out as she turned back on the movie.
I headed to my room and after changing into my clothes I climbed into my bed and fell asleep, dreaming of what was to come tomorrow.
"Y/N!" I heard as I walked through the door to the Running Man PD Room.
"Hello everyone!" I called out.
"Morning!" Majority of them called back.
"Y/N?" I heard behind me.
I turned around to see Jae-Hwa looking at me.
"Can I see you for a moment?" he said.
I nodded, following him into one of our writing rooms.
After we both sat down across from one another he started to speak.
"So I am guessing that you saw what happened after last night's episode?" he asked.
I nodded.
"Well, seeing the huge positive response from you on screen, would you be interested on maybe appearing in some more episodes? Just little bits here and there but everyone seemed to be so intrigued by you that it would be amazing for the show if you continued to appear. What do you say?" he asked me.
I smiled brightly.
"I would love to!" I said.
He gave me a small smile.
"I am glad to hear it! Well, be prepared for today then. We are going to put you on again so please make sure to read over the script to be ready for it," he explained.
"Ne!" I said.
We both walked out of the room and I quickly walked over to my seat.
"What did he say?" Jess and Choon-Hee asked in unison as I sat down.
"He said that they wanted me to appear more on the show and that I will be going on again today!" I exclaimed.
I got up and they pulled me into a hug.
"This is amazing!" Jess said.
"I am so happy for you!" Choon-Hee said.
"Thanks you two!" I said, smiling like crazy.
"Well, enough about me. How are you guys doing?" I asked.
"Well," Jess started. "Chen asked me out!"
"Are you serious?!" Choon-Hee asked.
"Yeah! He did yesterday and I said yes!"
"That is amazing Jess!!" I said.
"And I happen to be going on a date with Xiumin later," Choon-Hee explained.
"Really?" Jess asked.
"Yeah! I think I got through to him, with my seduction of course. I knew he would come around," she said, making Jess and I laugh.
"I am so happy for the both of you!" I said, pulling them into another hug.
"What about you? Last we heard, you had dates with the three of them?D.O, Suho, and Sehun?" Choon-Hee asked.
"Y-Yeah," I started. "But I found out who I liked out of the three and we act-"
"Breaking News," the TV called out cutting me off as someone in the office turned up the volume.
The three of us turned our attention to what was happening on the screen.
"EXO member Sehun, after the mysterious photos of him leaving someone's house yesterday has confirmed that he is in a relationship in an interview last night. Here is the footage."
The screen then changed into a video with an interviewer and Sehun.
"So photos were leaked of you leaving someone's house. Can we say that we should be expecting some good news?" the interviewer questioned.
He sighed. "Yes, the person's house I left from this morning was someone who is very important to me." he explained, as the video switched to show pictures of him leaving my house.
"W-Wait," Choon-Hee started.
"Isn't that your house, Y/N?" Jess asked.
All I could do was stare at shock at the screen.
What is he doing?!
"Who is it? A girlfriend perhaps?" the interviewer continued to ask.
He paused for a while before answering.
"Yes. The house I came out from in the pictures was my girlfriend's house," he confessed.
I froze.
Both Choon-Hee and Jess turned to look at me.
"What?!" The three of us exclaimed at the same time.
As I stared at the T.V, I was in denial.
"Do we know her?" The interviewer continued to ask.
Don't do it, Sehun.
Don't do-
"She is the foreigner that was in the Running Man episode last night. Her name is Y/N," he said.
"And I am in love with her."
And with that, I fell over, the world slowly fading away as I passed out from shock.


Well, Y/N's life has definitely taken a turn! XD
The next chapter will be the last one in the series so look forward to it! Love you all~
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