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Proclivity / Forbidden / and Revelry
Sorry for the delay lately and the uneven postings! I write at night after work... my hubby works out of town and he's been home this past week. He left again today so I should be back to normal schedule with writing and posting.
Forbidden's kind of on a cliffhanger ... lol oops sorry.
Thanks for your patience! Your sexy men will be back shortly!
Enjoy the sexy boys of my beloved group..BTOB. :) ♥
Hope it doesn't alert you more than once when you are multiple tagged.
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Proclivity has been my fave fic so far from anything I have read (and I am much more into boy/boy), so take your time...don't rush it! When you rush them...they get awful. I will busy myself with pics and gifs of precious Leo until then.
Don't worry about us! We totally understand. Take your time and let yourself have a break every now and then!
Just love BTOB
I guess you're allowed to have a life. Still love you!
I love me some BTOB. that was beautiful thank you