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Exo needs a break
I Just really hope that sm would finally get their stuff together and let them have a break because this is getting ridiculous
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@Keniaaxox true but the bald spot started before he dyed his hair red
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genetics people.
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@JaxomB we don't know if the father is balding at all but it may cause from either stress or dying of the hair too much but still exo deserves a break or a hiatus
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only to get themselves in order and de-stressed
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@SimplyAwkward. Correct, we don't know. It could just be how it's always been too. (Baldness can also be sex linked trait, so the mother could carry it). All idol groups could probably use a break. Honestly, I don't see EXO as one that does at the moment. There are certain members that do though. I see other groups that have been working nonstop, in the public eye, for months without a break.
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