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Just in time to ruin your bikini bod, Hostess has announced that Deep Fried Twinkies, the carnival cult indulgence made from their famous snack cake, is coming to the frozen section of Walmart locations nationwide!

Now you don't need to go to the state fair to try one yourself.

(Heck, once you've got a box, you don't even need to put on pants!)
Unlike usual Twinkies, these are coated in a funnel cake-like batter and need to be baked in your oven for a few minutes before they're enjoyed.
That way, the scent of your sinful snack will remain lingering in the air far after you've finished, taunting you with guilt like that 'Shame!' chant on Game Of Thrones.
(Okay, minus the bell.)
Unfortunately, all good things have an end, and after they're released on August 22nd, they'll only be available for one year. (Shout outs to those of you that are going to stock up like weirdos. I know you're out there, and I like your style.)

Anyway, now I want to know:

Has anyone tried Deep Fried Twinkies before? Are they worth the hype? Who's looking forward to buying them in-store?

Let me know in the comments below!
what has the world come to? smh
evil, pure deep fried evil
Went to Vegas. Stood in line for 20 minutes. Ate it in one minute. Then cried cuz it was gone. The warm, crunchy, gooey goodness will haunt my taste buds forever more:'(
never tried any of these weird deep fried concoctions at the fair. I was so excited to go to the fair when I was pregnant to try them but I took one look & wanted to barf.... It's no wonder so many Americans are on cholesterol & hypertension meds...
I live in Arizona so yes i've also try dead fried dr.pepper
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