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My Kpop anniversary

So it's almost been a year since I became a Kpop fan, in fact my Kpop anniversary is the same day as Father's Day this year. You can either thank or blame Jenna Marbles for getting me into Kpop by sharing this on her Twitter for her radio show YouTube15
Yes, Bang Bang Bang by BigBang got me into Kpop. Now everyone's heard Gangnam Style so I knew about Kpop but I just thought it was strange and avoided it, that is until I heard this song. I was immediately attracted to GD, Seungri, and Taeyang tbh but Bingu Top and Daesung have grown on me since then.
Now at first I was reluctant to listen to any other groups because I was used to how I would do in English, mostly American music, where I would like one band at a time. During the time that I found BigBang, I was really into Black Veil Brides. However, I eventually opened up to the idea of liking another group as long as it didn't get out of control. I decided to ask a tumblr blog who wrote a bunch of different gif scenarios for different groups, Zico-Mino-trash, some recommendations for me to listen to. She highly recommended BTS. And so I fell down a hole of which I can never get back out.
After one year I have become a fan of -BigBang -BTS -Block B -GOT7 -B.A.P -VIXX -Seventeen -Astro -Day6 -EXO -SHINee -Monsta X And then there's the group's I haven't gotten into but like a few of their songs, at least the ones I've listened to -2pm -Winner -Cross Gene -NCT U -History -Infinite -Speed Then there's the soloists I love -Eric Nam -Luhan -Amber (she is amazing even though I don't like f(x)'s songs)
I'm sure there are plenty more to come but I am extremely happy that I got to make such amazing friends through Kpop and I can honestly say I'm happier with Kpop in my life. And although I don't know how I survived this year with all the comebacks, I'm sure there's plenty more to come and I'm ready for them.
@ChaErica just as long as you don't get me into 50 different groups haha
Bonus: Jenna's favorite groups
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