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Words understand that expression is a necessity to dig deeper and vibe harder Words understands even when they get lost in your train of thought it will still find its destination at the station of dreams and preoccupied memories waiting to be told through... words Words get that the fact definitions like promises don't change that reducing it slang is for demoted minds broken hearts and uneducated fantasises . Words understand that by and through it we build and destroy. Create and revoke. Break and mishandle, promise and curse, lie and love, words understand Words don't ask silly questions yet every expression of frustration and irritation is conceived in the heart and gives birth from your tongue. Words are ok with being used to tell dreams build skyscraping ideas that cloud too, may understand our language and be recepients of our ambitions. Words are ok with substituted for tears you wish you could cry. Words are ok with receiving your heartbreak that it soak up what you feel to bleed on paper. So allow a moment in time to be juxtapositioned above the books, memories, diaries and dream that have propelled you express the words that have already taken flight Because words....understand
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Well said!! Love it ๐Ÿ˜„