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Who's been to KconLA before?
So this is the lineup for KconLA. So for those of you who are veterans of Kcon or just know a lot more than me, please help a girl out haha I'm not really understanding the tickets, like what is each for? And are the tickets going on sale for the convention and the concert or do you have to buy them separately? Any help would be much appreciated. This will help me in my decision if I will be going or not :) Also for those who are going here's the stage for this year as well below :)
Again thank you for any help, maybe I'll see you there!
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@RebeccaLondon I guess the other ones sold out already?
a year ago·Reply
I'm not sure it could be my phone was being stupid though.
a year ago·Reply
Ugh it's so confusing
a year ago·Reply
right? I just bought whatever because it wouldn't let me pick for some reason.
a year ago·Reply
I guess I'll figure it out when I get home if there's any available haha
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