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Attention my lovely readers and Vingle Fam here is a start of a new FanFic that Centers around You the reader and the members of Got7. I will say that Jackson and Mark will not be the one you end up with but they will play a role in your life. At this moment I am not sure who will be the ultimate lover in this story between the rest of the boys but we have this fanfic to figure it out along the way. At this moment I am going to post the first Chapter as a tease because I still need to finish my other fanfic Follow Me which I will be posting on next week because this weekend I have my best friends are coming to visit me here in Florida from Ohio.

I really do love you other and I hope you tell me what you think of this first chapter and get excited for the rest of this fanfics and others.

So with out further ado read below

Description: You thought Jackson was your sun at one point that shed light upon everything in your world. A Surprise horribly gone wrong plummeted you into darkness. But you never would have thought You would become the light for so many others.

Ch 1 Surprise Surprise

I stretch and groan as I hear my phone notification going off. I grab my phone off my nightstand. Babe, why aren't you answering my calls or replying to my texts? I look at my screen through bloodshot eyes and sigh. I ignore him. My phone dings with yet another notification with another text yet again from him. I read the message and feel the sting of tears forming in my eyes. Jagi, please respond! Why are u ignoring me? My phone rings and his face pops up on my screen and once again I send him to voicemail. My heart shatters and the tears flow as the memory of last night surfaces. Flashback I went to the studio to surprise my boyfriend Jackson with a late night snack. I knew he was practicing some choreography. I stepped off the elevator and headed towards the dance studio. I was about to open the door, when I heard Mark moan Jackson's name. Trepidation ran down my body. I felt that I would be intruding but hoping with every fiber and marrow of my being I was wrong. I quietly opened the door a crack. My heart shattered and tears spilled over my lids and down my cheeks. There stood the man I thought was my everything, Jackson, doing what I feared most. He was caressing and kissing Mark. One if his hands was down Mark's shorts and his mouth was kissing and sucking at his neck. I quietly closed the door and walked back to the elevator. As the elevator dinged and opened the doors I kept my head low and entered while still silently crying. my whole body language screamed dejected. I arrived at the ground floor and exited still with my head low and the flow of my tears making it nearly impossible to see. I bumped into someone and muttered a quick apology. I moved away from the person and started my way back to my place. As I was leaving I heard my name being called, "Y/n, wait!" I knew that voice, it belonged to my best friend and his groupmate, Jinyoung. I ignored him and started running because I can't have him see me like this.
I should have realised he wouldn't have given up. Jinyoung caught up with me, grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him. I refused to lift my gaze to his eyes but he wasn't allowing me that grace. Instead he grabbed my chin and forced me to meet his gaze. His face fell, his eyes showed concern, and lips formed a frown. He cupped my face now in both his hands and gently started wiping the tears with his thumbs. My tears just kept coming and then he asked the dreaded question. "Why are you crying? Is it about Jackson?" I opened my mouth to answer but all that came out where sobs that wrecked my body. My silent cry now became a big giant violent loud sobbing mess. Jinyoung pulled me into his body and wrapped his arms around me and soothingly rubbed my back. As my sobs subsided I moved back from the hug and with my eyes I beseeched him to let me go home. "Do you want to go home, I'll take you." I nodded my head yes in answer. Once we arrived back at my apartment I took my keys out but my hands would not stop shaking. Jinyoung took the keys and unlocked my apartment. He escorted me inside and to my room. He left my room for a moment as I pulled the covers back on my bed and discarded my shoes. I laid down and grabbed my teddy bear and hugged it for dear life. Jinyoung entered and handed me a glass of water along with two aspirin. He sat down on my bed and took my hand inside his and looked me calmly and with concern. "Did you want to talk about why you where crying yet?" I shake my head no and sigh. I let a few seconds pass and say "I'm not ready just yet." "Ok , y/n, I'm here for you when your ready, just know that." I smile at him even though it was tinged with sadness. "I know Jinyoung and that's one of many reasons you have been my best friend since we have been five years of age. When I'm ready to talk you will definitely be one of the first ones to know." My breath hitches as I think of the event from earlier tonight. The tears flow out of my eyes just like a faucet. He frowns once again at my tears and wipes them once more and presses a kiss to my forehead. I scoot over on the bed and pat next to me. He lays down beside me and turns me into his body. I sob into his chest once more. He murmurs "everything will get better" and just holds me. Jinyoung's calm and warm embrace soothes me once agian. He has always been a soothing balm for me since the moment I met him at 5 years old. I feel myself drifting into sleep but before I sleep I say quietly "I caught Jackson cheating with Mark on me." I fell asleep as the words left my exhausted body from crying. end of flashback
My phone rings again and Jackson face appears once again. I hit decline once again, still not ready to confront him. I stretch and get up and glance around when I see a note, a glass of water, and aspirin on my night stand. I smile at Jinyoung's thoughfulness. I pick up the note and read it.
Y/N I heard what you said before you fell asleep last night. I am really angry at both Jackson and Mark and I want to hurt then for you. Sadly I can not resort to that sort of violence because of the shows we have coming up. For the group I will obtain from indulging in my rage and will not harm them physically but their mental welfare is another thing. I will give them the silent treatment. I know you will most likely have a migraine from all the crying you did and will most likely still do; so I hope you take the pain reliever I have left for you. I also wish for ypu to know you did nothing wrong and I sincerely wish that you don't waste anymore of your precious tears on him because he is not worth it. I will call and check on you later. Until then my lips are sealed and I'll be doing my best to avoid them. Just know I care about you deeply. Jinyoung
I smiled at his note and sent a quick text to him. Jinyoungie, I love you. I'll be coming over to the dorms in a few to break up with Jackson. Please don't tell the others. My phone rings again and this time with the encouragement I gathered from Jinyoung's letter gave me I pressed answer. "Finally, Jagi, you answer." Jackson's voice comes out. I feel my resolve falter a moment before I continue. "Jackson, can I come over there is something I want to talk to you about," I asked calmly even though I am no where near calm. "Jagi, of course you can come over. I miss you babe. Is everything ok? You sound a little off." "I'll see you in about 30 minutes. I need to get ready so I'll see you in a bit." I ended the call as he is saying "Love you Y/n." The tears come because no he doesn't love me or else he wouldn't have cheated. I start gathering all of Jackson's belongings and items that he has left behind or given me. Collected his shirts, snapbacks, stuffed animals, our photos, and even the bracelet he gave me last month on our 6 month anniversary. I place each item inside a box. I look around to make sure there would be no hint or lingering item that would make me remember him. Finally satisfied there is no trace of Jackson ever being in my apartment or life I grab my hoodie and keys and head out to my car. On the drive there I keep  muttering to myself *Stay strong. He is not worth my tears.* I arrived and walk up to the door and knock. I am hoping Jinyoung or Jackson answer but as my luck would have it, Mark answers the door. At the sight of him I almost lose all my composure and want to cry but instead I fake a smile. He let me in and looks down to the box in my hands with confusion. "Jackson, Y/n, is here," Mark shouts. Jackson appeared with a smile on his face that instantly turned into a frown when his gaze falls on the box in my hands. He came up to me and took the box and leans in to give me a kiss. As he leans in I lean back from the kiss. His eyes watered unconsciously with the understanding of the situation. I follow him to his room. He places the box down and closes the door behind us. I stood there looking at him and cataloguing his beautiful features one last time and wonder how he could have hurt me so much. I looked him in the eye and lean up press a kiss to his cheek. With my lips near his ear I say, "Goodbye Jackson, Let's see other people." I turn around and open the door and walk out. Tears threaten to spill but I walk with my head held high and heads towards the door. I smile and wave to all the members. They each give questioning stares, well all but Jinyoung; since he knows. I'm almost all the way to the door when I feel his arms wrap around me. "Please don't say goodbye to me. Please stay with me Jagi," he pleads. I push his arms off of me and turn to face him. "Jackson, you don't love me. This is not working anymore. Please just say goodbye." I give him a sad and pleading loom. I'm trying to save him embarrassment and not mention that I know he cheated. But his next words snap a little bit of bitterness off my resolve to be nice. "Jagi, I love you and I..." I press my finger against his lip to quiet him. "No, you really don't. If you did you wouldn't have cheated," I shouted at the end. I heard the collective gasps of shock from each of the members. Jackson is standing there looking so confused to how I know. I sigh. "I saw you last night. I was going to surprise you but instead I got the biggest surprise. So Jackson again this is goodbye." I turn and walk away from the one who I thought was my sun but is now the darkness. I take a one last look back as I am closing the door and see him fall to his knees once the realization of my words fully impact him. The door closes with a click and a sense of dread falls upon me. I walk to my car get in and drive away as the light in my life now is nothing but darkness.
I wasn't gonna read it. I just looked through it and when I saw the note Jinyoung left, I just went back to the beginning and read it all. -.- if it's okay can you tag me in future chapters please?👽
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please tag me in future chapters? its so good!!!
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@VeronicaArtino I love it!! It's so well written and not too overly dramatic. Has the right amount of everything that one thinks a good/great story should have. Please tag me when you get the story started up?? 🙇🙇🙇
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