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Just waiting for the date that you and Mark are going to have, you just have dreams about how fun it's going to be. But, today you need to get your mind off of Mark because you are preforming today. A couple hours later your getting your hair and makeup done and go on stage. You then preform your song and, after you get all your makeup and stuff off you go straight home. You were so tired!

The Next Morning

You wake up and eat breakfast and realize you have a dance practice today, so you get dressed and head there. You get to your room open the door and see a whole bouquet of roses and there is a big sign that says your name on it. You look at the card sitting by the flowers and it says.. "I really miss you! I can't wait to see you again! I have to wait so long to see you! Here's a little present, I hope you enjoy! Love you, Mark" You blush and hold the flowers close to you, wishing that Mark was here to hold you and tell you that he loves you. But, today he's busy in a town across the country. You really miss him! After 5 hours of dancing you start to head back to the dorm and, while going home you check your phone and see that you have 56 messages from Mark! He was wondering what you were doing, how you were, and he just said I love you a bunch of times. You go home and sleep and dream about you know who.
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